‘Katy Keene’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 “Chapter Six: Mama Said”


In the newest episode of Katy Keene, Katy is helping Prince Errol and Patricia with wedding pictures, but the happy couple’s engagement may not last long. Meanwhile, Josie is getting ready for the release of her EP with the return of her mother, Sierra McCoy, coming to town, and a misunderstanding between Josie and Alex may end things between them.

Find out everything that went down during this week’s Katy Keene, “Chapter Six: Mama Said.”

Katy, Josie, Pepper, and Jorge are all at Molly’s Crisis, celebrating Katy finally mailing in that Parsons application. Katy says she always pictured sharing the milestone with her mom and KO, but obviously, she can’t. Pepper tells her she is young and single in New York City, and it’s time to have a little fun. Katy says she’s not ready to date someone new, but Jorge tells her she doesn’t need a date. She needs a rebound, “with a capital D.” Pepper chimes in, saying that casual is key, then leaves to hook up with someone. Katy wishes she could be like Pepper, but KO was her first kiss, her first boyfriend. “I mean, he’s the only guy that I’ve ever, you know, been with.” Katy changes the subject and asks Josie about her EP. Josie says she’ll feel better once she makes it through the week with the listening party that Alex planned. She still hasn’t told him about her contract and deal with Mr. Cabot.

On behalf of all of Lacy’s, Gloria tells Prince Errol and Patricia they’re delighted to host their royal engagement announcement photoshoot. She tells the couple that the photographer, Will Buckingham, will be in the next day, but Patricia tells her Errol’s grandmother had concerns that Will Buckingham is “too green.” Katy says she’s heard Vogue just promised Will Buckingham the September issue cover, so if anyone’s going to make Patricia look like a princess, it’s him. Patricia trusts Katy but asks Errol if they should consult his family about aesthetics. What if they don’t approve? “Can’t we have just one thing to ourselves?” Patricia leaves, and Errol goes after her. Gloria mentions the importance of the wedding, and Katy says she understands; Lacy’s is planning an exclusive collection and window inspired by the royal nuptial. Seeing that Katy has a way with the prince, whatever’s going on, Gloria needs Katy to fix it. Katy is happy to, then brings up that she’s been trying to find out if her mother, Katherine, was ever a Lacy’s employee. Katy’s timing could not be worse, but if this is the fastest way to get her out of Gloria’s office and onto “this royal kerfuffle,” Gloria will look into it.

Alex plays Josie a song from her EP, and Josie asks him how nervous she should be for the listening party. Alex tells her don’t be. She’s amazing. And tomorrow, some of the top music execs will get to see that, including his dad. He says he’ll approve funding for a full album once his dad hears it. Josie says her mom is flying into town for the listening party and wants everything to be perfect because if it were up to her, she would be in law school right now. Sierra supported Josie’s singing once upon a time, but she has her doubts. Josie just wants her to see that she’s doing well. Alex tells Josie the EP’s solid. She heard it herself.

Lucien Laviscount and Ashleigh Murray in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

As Katy is out walking, she spots KO and Xandra together. “I was reminded of the one relationship I couldn’t fix.” Later that day, Pepper asks Katy where exactly Xandra touched KO, and Katy says she doesn’t want to think about it. Jorge suggests they meet at Studio 34 because KO’s working there. Katy just can’t believe that he’s already in a new relationship — with a Cabot, no less. Jorge mentions that he does not see any mention of KO on Xandra’s Instagram; maybe they’re just hooking up …”That’s not helping.” Pepper thinks this is a sign that Katy should get back on the “proverbial horse.” She’s right. Katy’s going to rebound. Meanwhile, Josie gets back to the apartment, trying to clean up the place since her mom is on her way from Grand Central station. At that moment, there’s a knock on the door, and it’s Sierra McCoy. Sierra thanks Katy, Pepper, and Jorge for taking care of her daughter.

The following day, Katy is at Lacy’s helping Errol and Patricia with their photos, but they have different ideas of what to wear. She keeps going back and forth between Errol and Patricia, as Errol wants something more casual while Patricia wants what his family wants: she wants to look like a princess. To Errol, she is a princess. Katy comes up with the idea to have them dress down, nothing too fancy. Will Buckingham tells her the pictures will be killer, thanks to her. Errol thanks Katy for helping them. “Who knew being engaged while royal could be so stressful?” Katy tells him that making decisions as a couple is always hard. Errol remembers that Katy recently got engaged, but she tells him it didn’t work out. “He must be a puddle, losing you.”

Xandra meets Alex at Chubby’s, taking full credit for leaking the “Kissing Cabots” story. She tells him she’s sick and tired of his dad trying to control them. Now that this is out there, they’re free. Xandra’s done with secrets, which is why she wanted him to see Josie’s contract. She highlights the last clause and tells him that his father is paying for Josie to date Alex or babysit him.

Lucien Laviscount and Camille Hyde in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

After the shoot, Katy tells Will that her friend is having an EP release that evening and asks if he wants to meet her there. Will takes her photo and has her put her number on his phone. Later, Gloria commends Katy for a job well done at the shoot, saying that Errol and Patricia looked cheery. She also gives Katy her mother’s file that she got from HR. Katherine Keene was indeed an employee at Lacy’s. When Katy looks at the file, she reads that she was fired. Why? Gloria tells her from what she gathered, the management doubted her commitment to the store, and she was terminated around the time Katy was born. Katy wonders why her mother went to such lengths to keep it from her, and Gloria tells her that if her mother was keeping something from her, it was likely to protect her.

At Josie’s EP listening party, Sierra finds Josie down in the recording studio, and Josie tells her she wasn’t sure if she was still coming. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Alex comes down and introduces himself to Sierra. Josie asks to talk to him privately, and Alex asks what the point is. They should probably call this whole thing off because Josie couldn’t keep up with her end of the bargain. Josie says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and Alex clarifies that she’s not just dating him because his dad paid her to. Before Josie has a chance to explain, Alex leaves. She tries to go after him, but Katy stops her, telling her to let him go. “This is your night. Do not let him ruin this.”

Later that night, Katy tells Pepper and Jorge about her night with Will and how afterward, they kissed, but it was the worst kiss ever. Maybe Katy’s not cut out for the single life. She had a prince in KO. Jorge tells her she’s been single for two seconds and to relax. She’s just got to kiss a few frogs, is all. There’s a knock at the door, and Katy assumes it’s Pepper and she just forgot something. However, when she opens the door, it turns out to be Prince Errol Swoon.

Lucy Hale in ‘Katy Keene.’ Image courtesy of The CW.

Errol apologizes for just dropping in, he didn’t know where else to go, and Katy always seems to have the right answers. He confesses that he and Patricia are over, and he called off the engagement. Katy tells him she can fix this, but Errol says it’s too late. Katy says that Patricia is dealing with a lot, and she’s not used to being in the public eye, but Errol thinks he might be better off single. Errol admits that Patricia is his rebound. He was heartbroken when he met her.

After the Ms. Washington Heights Beauty Pageant at Molly’s Crisis, Errol asks Katy if every night in the life of Katy Keene is this exciting. Between the evil drag queens and the musical numbers, “yes, it’s pretty standard.” Errol can’t remember the last time he had this much fun, and Katy finds it hard to believe. Errol’s a literal prince, but he says it’s so hard to cut loose when you’re in the public eye. Katy tells him that Molly’s Crisis is one of few places in New York where you can be yourself and not feel alone. Soon, the two of them return to Katy’s apartment to do much more than just talk.

In the morning, Katy wakes up to an empty bed. When she opens her door, Josie and Jorge are sitting in front of it, amused. Katy explains they just got caught up in the moment. It was a mistake. There’s a knock at the door, and when Katy answers, it’s KO. He was in the area and came by to pick up some of his stuff. Katy offers him cereal, and as they talk, she brings up seeing him and Xandra together. KO tells her they met at Studio 34; Xandra needed a bodyguard, so he drives her around and teaches her how to box. That’s it. KO can’t even imagine dating somebody new right now. Katy’s phone rings and Gloria tells her she doesn’t know what she did this time, but she needs her in her office now.

At Chubby’s, Alex tells Josie he’s glad she called. After the previous night, he didn’t expect her to. Josie apologizes, saying she should never have signed that contract without talking to him first. All his life, Alex has watched his dad persuade people to do things they didn’t want to do. Josie doesn’t have to apologize; Alex does. Alex admits he’s an addict, but he’s working on it daily. He met with his sponsor that morning and will keep doing so. Josie doesn’t have to worry about babysitting him. She wishes he told her, not because he needs to be taken care of, but because she cares about him. “And for the record, with or without a contract, I want to be with you.” Alex says his dad ruins a lot of things, but not this.

When Katy gets to Gloria’s office, she’s met by Gloria, Errol, and Patricia. Patricia tells Katy she dressed her the first time that she shopped at Lacy’s with Errol; she designed her engagement ring and planned their photoshoot. Patricia has always trusted her. So that’s why Patricia has to ask Katy if she would design her wedding dress.

“That’s when I knew I was royally screwed.”

Katy Keene airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on The CW, streaming free the next day on The CW app.

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