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‘Crime Junkie’ Host Ashley Flowers Debuts New Podcast

PODCASTS'Crime Junkie' Host Ashley Flowers Debuts New Podcast

Ashley Flowers, creator and host of the well-known true crime podcast Crime Junkie, launched a new podcast on March 11. The podcast is called Supernatural with Ashley Flowers and is produced by Parcast Network. This new show will examine strange events in true crime cases. You can read the synopsis here:

Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the facts don’t lead to a logical explanation, and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown … Join Parcast and Crime Junkie’s Ashley Flowers as they dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime occurrences in the new series, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Every Wednesday, Ashley digs into a different mystifying crime—where the most fitting theory isn’t always the most conventional.

The first two episodes are already out. In the first episode named “Conspiracy: The Lead Masks Case”, Flowers will investigate a 1966 Rio de Janeiro case:

In 1966, two electronics technicians were found dead on a hill near Rio de Janeiro, with a cryptic note and two masks made out of solid lead. The investigation raised more questions than answers, uncovering among other things, involvement in an occult society.

In the second episode titled “Alien: The Allagash Incident”, she will examine a case involving twin brothers and repressed memories:

In the 1980s, twin brothers Jim and Jack Weiner started having the same recurring nightmares. Under hypnosis, they uncovered the root of the dreams: repressed memories from a bizarre experience earlier in their lives.

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Flowers created Crime Junkie in December 2017 and hosts it with her best friend Brit Prawat. If you want to know more about it, you can check out our Podcast Spotlight.

Parcast Network was founded by Max Cutler in 2016 and produces a series of podcasts including Cults, Today in True Crime, Serial Killers, Sports Criminals and more.

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and on the podcast’s website.

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