Top 10 Maria DeLuca Moments on ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season One


With the season two premiere of Roswell, New Mexico finally on the horizon, we are taking a look back at some of our favorite characters and their top moments from season one. Up next in our series is Maria DeLuca, best friend of Liz and Alex, possible psychic, and kickass Wild Pony bartender. Check out her season one top 10 moments!

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Maria is the Best Best Friend

Everybody needs a best friend as supportive and carrying as Maria DeLuca. From the first time we see her in the pilot she has Liz’s back 100%. We see just how much she cares about her bestie when Liz shows up to their high school reunion only to be met with whispers and harsh looks. Just as Liz is about to leave, Maria saves the day by having the DJ play “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby”, aka Liz’s song. Maria races to the dance floor and waves her hands for Liz to join her, which of course she does and the two dance together as the song plays.

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Follows Rosa’s Clues With Liz

Maria had the option to duck out of Liz’s little ‘follow Rosa’s clues’ adventure that takes them all over Roswell, but of course she went with her. She was there to see what they could learn, yes, but also to provide moral support for Liz as they uncovered Rosa’s hiding places. Ultimately they end up with more questions than answers (and a little bit of weed) for their efforts.

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Tells Liz She Should Stay

Proving again how great of a friend she is, Maria calls out Liz’s tendency to run from things that might be good for her. Though Liz is thinking of leaving town again for research, Maria tells her that she likes Max Evans for Liz and that they could be good together. On Maria’s advice, Liz seems to settle into the idea of staying in Roswell (for the near future at least.)

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Assures Alex She and Michael Aren’t an Item

They say that bartenders are like therapists and that seems to hold true for Maria. Throughout the season her friends (and some enemies) come to the bar to drink and discuss their life troubles including Maria and Liz’s best friend Alex Manes. He finally tells her that he is into (see: In Love) with Michael Guerin and that he knows they slept together. Maria assures Alex that it was just a “one night no good Texas rounder” though we later discover that there’s a little more feeling there than she lets on. Her priority is her friends happiness which is a key component of Maria’s character as season one progressed.

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Shares Meaning Behind  The Wild Pony Sign

When Michael gives her an attitude about fixing the broken sign rather than asking for a new one, Maria opens up enough to share the meaning of the sign with him. When her mother wanders off (which happens a few times in season one) she sees the Wild Pony sign and “knows it lights the way home”. The tender sentiment gives a glimpse into the world of Maria DeLuca, and shows us how much she cares about her family.

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Spends Time with Her Mom

Mimi DeLuca, Maria’s mother, has the same psychic gift that Maria has and we also learn she is suffering from some kind of mental illness. As her tendency to wander threatens her safety and moves beyond needing the kind of care Maria can provide, she considers an assisted living home where she can be cared for around the clock. Maria, Liz, and Alex take Mimi for a “Roswell’s greatest hits tour” stopping at the Crashdown Cafe for shakes, picnicking at the drive-in, and The Wild Pony. The gesture provides a little closure for Maria as she prepares to make an extremely tough decision for her mother’s well-being.

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Makes Tough Choice for her Mom

Having just taken her mother to Sunset Mesa Assisted Living, Maria sits alone drinking at The Wild Pony after closing up. She’s clearly upset about the choice so when she lets Michael join her for a drink, (“one drink, no talking”) she is understandably on the edge. He notices and immediately moves to comfort her as she breaks down crying. This feels like one of the first moments Maria really gets to see Michael’s softer side (and maybe when she started liking him?).

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Turns Michael Down

We know by this point she is harboring a bit of a crush on the angsty cowboy, but Maria puts her best friend first and tells Michael they can’t be sleeping together when he has such a complicated, possibly still ongoing, relationship with Alex.

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Michael Finds Her at The Wild Pony

Though Maria has continually rebuffed Michael since she found out about him and Alex, this moment seems to change something for them both. They both seem hopeful and on the verge of what could be a budding romance but we won’t know for certain until the season premiere!

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Maria Is Her Own Damn Savior

One of the best scenes was after Maria had a serious let down from the faith healer. Most would want to complain to a friend or be consoled but not Maria. As Liz put it, “Maria is her own damn savior. Every time”.

It’s that self reliance and inner strength that makes Maria DeLuca such a compelling character on Roswell, NM. Yes, she’s a best friend to Liz, but she comes with so much of her own backstory that it feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface of who she is. This is partly due to the amazing script writers and creators for building out her story and also due to the fact that actress Heather Hemmens’ portrayal of her is so compelling. We cannot wait to see and learn more about her in season two. Let us know your favorite Maria moment in the comments below!

Roswell, New Mexico returns to The CW on Monday, March 16.

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