10 Years of ‘Blue Sky Noise’: Circa Survive Fans Talk About the Album and More

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Art by Esao Andrews. Courtesy of Circa Survive

In celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Blue Sky Noise (BSN), the post-hardcore/progressive rock group Circa Survive is the hitting the road for a 37-city tour that begins March 20 in Baltimore, MD and ends June 7 in Philadelphia, PA. They will be joined by Polyphia and Gouge Away. VIP and general admission tickets are available here. This will be the third album anniversary tour for Circa. The first, dubbed the “Juturnaversary” tour and “Jutourna,” was in 2015 for their first full length album Juturna that was released in 2005. It was followed by the 10 year anniversary tour in 2017 for On Letting Go [OLG], which was released in 2007.

Blue Sky Noise is the third full album from Circa Survive, initially released in April 2010. Later in the same year, they released the EP Appendage as a continuation of BSN, which the group’s fans (known as the Circa fam) quickly grew to love. Both BSN and Appendage show two different flavors of the band, further proving their ability to change things up without compromising their sound. Circa will be playing both Blue Sky Noise and Appendage in full during the tour. Circa Survive is Anthony Green (vocals), Brendan Ekstrom (guitar), Colin Frangicetto (guitar), Nick Beard (bass), and Stephen Clifford (drums).

In anticipation of the Blue Sky Noise tour, I asked fellow members of the Circa fam (including a very special member) a few questions about Blue Sky Noise and what they’re most looking forward to during the tour. Read their answers below!

What’s your favorite Blue Sky Noise song?

Colin Frangicetto: Tie between “Strange Terrain” & “Glass Arrows”

Ashlyn R.: “Fever Dreams” or “Glass Arrows”

Andy: “Dyed in the Wool”

Lani C.: “I Felt Free”

Daniel G.: I’m going to say “Fever Dreams.” I didn’t love it at first, but when I saw it live for the first time it totally changed my perspective on it, and now I absolutely love it.

Justin W: “Imaginary Enemy”

Shantelle W.: “Dyed in the Wool”

Eric M.: “Frozen Creek”

Reynaldo: “Imaginary Enemy”

What’s your favorite song from Appendage?

Colin Frangicetto: “Sleep Underground”

Ashlyn R.: “Lazarus”

Andy: “Lazarus”

Lani C.: “Stare Like You’ll Stay”

Daniel G.: Ah man, it’s either “Stare Like You’ll Stay” or “Everyway.” Those two just speak to my core for some reason.

Justin W.: “Lazarus”

Shantelle W.: “Lazarus”

Eric M.: “Stare Like You’ll Stay”

Reynaldo: “Backmask”

Art by Esao Andrews. Courtesy of Circa Survive

What lyric stands out the most for you from either BSN or Appendage?

Colin Frangicetto: “Where all our confidence kept us behind a shield, only light can get through.” — [BSN, “Strange Terrain”]

Ashlyn R.: “I don’t want excuses, I don’t want apologies.” — [BSN, “Glass Arrows”] Ugh, I can’t wait to hear the crowd erupt with that.

Andy: “There is no gift without a price.” — [Appendage, “Everyway”]

Lani C.: “I will learn to live again, for now I’m breaking.”  — [BSN, “I Felt Free”]

Daniel G.: I think a lot of fans will have to agree with “all that is love is everlasting” as some of the most standout lyrics from BSN. As for Appendage, I’d have to say in “Stare Like You’ll Stay:” “For all the reasons we could think to hate you we want to make it right.” It makes me feel like relating to someone I have differences with, rather than just hating someone for feeling or being different than myself.

Justin W.: “The longer it takes the more it goes to waste (I know, I know)/I want to believe you but I can’t feel a thing (I know, I know)/ The more that you get the less you are (I know, I know)/Nothing’s going to change that hopeless feeling I get when you say you’ll understand, and I know you can’t/and I know you can’t.” — [BSN, “Dyed in the Wool]

Shantelle W.: “The longer it takes the more it goes to waste. I want to believe you, but I can’t feel a thing. The more that you get the less you are.” — [BSN, “Dyed in the Wool”]

Eric M.: “For all the reasons we can think to hate you, and you want to make it right.” — [Appendage, “Stare Like You’ll Stay”]

Reynaldo: “I must admit now going down with this ship, I couldn’t have a better crew to travel with.” [Blue Sky Noise, “The Longest Mile”] This part of the song reminds me of how most of the time when we are in a struggle, we rely on support from our family and friends. I’ve noticed this past year that there are times when you’ve hit rock bottom and people don’t want to deal with you or your issues. That’s when you realize who is truly there for you and who isn’t.

‘Appendage’ EP. Art by Esao Andrews. Courtesy of Circa Survive

What are you most looking forward to on the tour?

Colin Frangicetto: I love doing the Q&As but I’ll be mostly looking forward to ripping it up every night.

Ashlyn R.: Obviously seeing the whole album played through, but also CIRCA FAM! There are a bunch of us meeting up for the last show of the tour in Philly and I’m so excited! It’s insane the bond that we’ve all built through the internet, and I can’t wait to meet those that I haven’t met before. This fam has some beautiful people, and I’m lucky to be able to experience this show with some of them.

Andy: I’ve seen them so many times, but I missed the original BSN tour and I can’t miss out on hearing the album in its entirety. But more importantly, hearing the Appendage songs is what I’m really flipping out about.

Lani C.: The songs from BSN, the energy, hopefully running into the boys during.

Daniel G.: I am unfortunately moving (military orders) before I was supposed to see them here in STL, and where I’m going the dates will have been over I believe. But for anyone else who’s going to a VIP session, just getting to see the band again up close and a little more personal is always such a great time. They’re great dudes.

Justin W.: Hearing songs like “Glass Arrows,” “Imaginary Enemy,” and the couple of songs I haven’t heard live from Appendage

Shantelle W.: Meeting CircaFam and spiritual healing of my soul

Eric M.: Seeing new Circa fam faces and dancing

Reynaldo: Going with my friends, seeing the magic the band casts on the crowd, and the BSN documentary

What’s your fondest concert memory of Circa?

Colin Frangicetto: Every single show, the moment we walk onto stage.

Ashlyn R.: My first show was in 2012 at Starland Ballroom. I had always been fond of Circa, but that show really put me over the edge into head over heels territory. It was a Halloween show so they were in costumes, everyone’s stage presence was incredible, and I heard Anthony’s voice in my head the whole next week. I was truly blown away.

Andy: One of my favorite memories was actually the first time I saw them. The energy they brought just separated my soul from my body, and I just remember singing my lungs out, and I looked up to see Anthony was staring dead into my eyes. That energy was just unmatched.

Lani C.: I attended their House of Blues in Anaheim and it was my first time seeing them. Unfortunately one member was missing because they were injured, so they played a really personal show. It was beautiful.

Daniel G.: Last time I saw them, Anthony had remembered when I held him up as he leaned into the crowd 2 years prior and asked me to hold him up again. Sure enough I was front and center holding his hand throughout most of the show. Something about that connection, it just enhances the entire experience for me!

Justin W.: There was one week I got to see Circa three times, in three different cities (Atlanta, Pensacola, and New Orleans) during the Violent Waves tour. That alone was awesome, but after the first show in ATL I sat outside speaking to Colin and asked what the set lists for the next two shows were looking like. His response was to ask what I wanted to hear, and I didn’t really know what to say, so he told me to shoot him an email with a song request. So when it came time to send him the email I couldn’t decided on just one song so I sent 6 requests knowing that they’d most likely only choose one, which was fine, but between the next two shows they played 5 of the 6 songs I had requested. It was an amazing week.

Shantelle W.: Seeing Circa at Red Rocks when the lightest and calmest rain started as the last song, “Nesting Dolls,” began and then the rain dying down as the song ended.

Eric M.: Since following them since almost day one (2004 first time I heard “Act Appalled”), they have related in my life in some form or manner; their lyrics, that is. And seeing them grow over the years. Great stuff!

Reynaldo: My first Circa concert ever was the OLG 10 year anniversary. I honestly did not know what to expect. I was excited, nervous, I was feeling everything. There was a couple that I was talking with inbetween sets, and they mentioned that it gets crazy; I had to ask what they meant by that but the guy just told me to wait. After Circa comes out, Anthony starts giving us the signal to approach him and that’s when I felt it. After “Living Together” started playing I felt so lost in the moment, nothing else existed and nothing mattered. All I did was sing my heart out. I hope I get to experience the same on this tour. Truly magical experience.

(left to right) Steve Clifford, Brendan Ekstrom, Anthony Green, Nick Beard, and Colin Frangicetto. Courtesy of Circa Survive via Instagram

Why do you listen to Circa? What do you like most about them?

Colin Frangicetto: I listen while we’re writing, because I love the music we’re making, but after it’s released I mostly listen to re-learn the parts 🙂

Ashlyn R.: I love that there’s something for every mood. Sad? Circa. Happy? Circa. Mad? Blast “Get Out.” They’re always evolving and each album offers something different. Plus it helps that they’re all around solid dudes, engaging with their fans, and I love that I can support each of them in at least a small way by being a fan.

Andy: I love that they’re normal people just like you and I. They practice what they preach and share endless love and peace. The music itself just takes me out of any rough time and makes me feel safe. Safe to be me, safe to be creative, and safe to be open to the world. As a musician you get inspiration from everywhere and sometimes your well can run dry, but when that happens, I put on a little circa and the juices start flowing again. I love it when those 5 brains get together. It’s always magic.

Lani C.: I like how their music makes me feel. They have really great lyrics that I resonate with. I feel both happy and sad when I listen to their music.

Daniel G.: I started because I truly related to a lot of the lyrics from OLG. I continued because not only is their music just beautifully done, you can tell it all comes from an honest, vulnerable place. They’ve helped me to try to be more honest, understanding, and vulnerable with my loved ones. They’re good people who want to help the world either through music itself or supporting important causes. What’s not to like about this band?

Justin W.: Because they’re amazing. Just everything about them. The guitars, drums, vocals, and lyrics are always incredible and they never cease to amaze me with each new album release. A lot of bands struggle to stay good throughout their careers, but they never disappoint. And to top it off, they’re just awesome f*cking dudes. They’ve always tried to connect with their fans and give back in ways that you don’t see with most other bands. I don’t know….it’s hard to put into words the way their music makes me feel, but it’s a great feeling.

Shantelle W.: Circa Survive has been the most constant thing in my life since late 2004. It’s crazy how every album has fit to mirror my life experiences at the exact time they’re occurring.

Eric M.: I relate so much and the influence they have. [What] I love most about it is that they don’t try to fit into anything. They are each their own. And all members mesh so well. I mean look at all the other bands that have split and some getting back together now. These guys have and are still making it through.

Reynaldo: It all started with Saosin. After Anthony left I remember I asked a friend if he knew anything on where Anthony was. He showed me the music video for “Act Apalled.” I was blown away and I still am.

For updates on music, shows, and more, make sure to follow Circa Survive on Twitter and Instagram. You can find their music on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music.

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