Top 10 Isobel Evans Moments from ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Season 1


As we (not so) patiently await the season two premiere of Roswell, New Mexico, we are looking back on season one and some of our favorite characters’ biggest moments! Up next is Isobel Evans.

Isobel is played by actress Lily Cowles, who perfectly captures Isobel’s desire for social acceptance while also highlighting her tough-as-nails attitude. She’s fierce when it comes to protecting her family and will go to any lengths to do so. Isobel faces many challenges in season 1 as she fights to keep their alien origins secret from the citizens of Roswell, as well as coping with the return of her blackouts and ultimately Noah’s secret. Check out Isobel’s biggest season 1 moments below!

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Isobel Saves Max … with a Taser

Part of Isobel Evans’ charm is her sassy nature, paired with very practical approaches to life’s problems. Liz Ortecho threatening your family? Make her leave. Large idiot beating up on your brother? Forget alien powers, drop him with a taser. This is one of our first times seeing Isobel and it highlights her get-things-done attitude. Bonus points for being the only one who doesn’t use their super secret alien abilities in front of the human.

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Tries to Make Liz Leave Roswell (again)

Isobel is confident as ever when she enters her mindscape, intent on ‘suggesting’ to Liz that she leave Roswell and Max behind once again. However, she is in for a rude awakening when it not only doesn’t work, but she also gets flashes of Rosa AND Liz’s more than a crush feelings for Max. She makes a hasty escape thanks to her powers making her sick, but it’s the first time Isobel realizes she may not be as strong as she thought.

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Isobel Learns the Truth

Michael breaks the truth to Isobel as gently as anyone can say, “Hey, you killed someone,” and she is disgusted with herself and what they are. As she wrestles with the knowledge that her own hands are responsible for three deaths during a blackout, she questions who they really are and whether they are dangerous, destructive beings at their core.

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Isobel Takes Control 

Following her discovery of the secret Max and Michael have kept from her for 10 years, Isobel decides she has had enough of them making decisions for her. She confronts the boys about the (poor) decision-making on her behalf and demands that she be allowed to make her own decisions. Way to go Isobel!

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Isobel Confronts Liz

After Max tells Liz the truth about Rosa’s killer (and Michael coincidentally tells Isobel the same night), Isobel tries to make amends with Liz. Liz isn’t having any of it and lectures her on just how wrong it is that no judicial actions will ever take place, since drawing attention to herself means drawing it to her father as well. Isobel comes away from this conversation upset that Liz doesn’t want to even talk to her let alone accept her apology.

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Injects Herself with Liz’s Serum

Eager to be rid of her powers and the possible danger she might cause during a blackout, Isobel takes her fate into her own hands and uses her powers to convince Kyle to inject her with Liz’s serum. Or as Isobel would put it, she’s “an influencer,” like Rhianna.

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Agrees to Return to the Pod

Isobel is all sass and confidence in season 1 until her rash decision to inject herself with Liz’s serum puts her on death’s door within a few hours. When she wakes from sleeping, no doubt feeling even worse, she tells Max that she wants to live. This moment really changes Isobel, and her agreement to go back into stasis in the pod, even knowing she might not have any memory when she emerges, is an integral one.

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Discovers Noah is the Fourth Alien

As the clues slowly point to Noah as the fourth alien, Isobel agree to interrogate Noah while at the gala. She enters her mindscape and we witness her become increasingly frustrated and scared when she slowly realizes that Noah isn’t answering her questions and nothing is working as it should. It’s this moment she realizes the worst: Noah is the fourth alien. This one huge discovery changes the course of the entire show and the trajectory of Isobel’s character.

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Isobel Interrogates Noah

This two part mindscape interrogation highlights the impact. She first questions Noah alone, but quickly feels overwhelmed by the situation. Isobel realizes that she needs someone with her and asks for help. Together, she and Max return to get answers from Noah. He reveals how he first heard Isobel when she was 14 and has been periodically taking control of her body. While he reveals very little about their origins, this conversation is more than enough for Isobel. She leaves shortly after and only asks Max to call her when Noah is dead.

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Isobel’s Final Goodbye

As she wrestles with the knowledge that Noah has only moments to live, she meets him in her mindscape one final time. Not only does she inform him that she never loved him, but she also returns her wedding ring. She gets the final word (in a way, Noah steals that, too, with “take care of her”) leaving him to die alone and unloved.

Isobel goes on a very emotional journey over the course of season 1. She goes from feeling content with her life, to worried about her brothers, and ends up afraid first of herself and then her husband. She loses a sense of security in the final episodes of season 1, and season 2 will no doubt show Isobel attempt to rebuild herself and her life. Wherever her journey takes her, we can’t wait to watch her grow in season 2!

What is your favorite Isobel moment? Let us know in the comments below! Roswell, New Mexico returns for season 2 on The CW on March 16.

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