Shriekfest to Screen ‘Child’s Play 2’ for Special Midnight Showing


“Hi, I’m Chucky, wanna play?”

If you’re a fan of the Childs Play movies, or horror movies, then keep reading for some exciting news! Shriekfest, who is hosting its 20th annual Film Festival this year in October has partnered with The Nuart Theater to screen a classic horror films every other month. This month The Nuart Theater will screen Childs Play 2, the sequel to the classic Childs Play that every horror genre fan has probably watched. This special screening will be a part of Shriekfest’s midnight series and will be screened at midnight on Friday, March 13, 2020. To make this even more exciting, the screening will have a special Q&A session and appearance by the writer Don Mancini!

If you’ve never seen it, here is a quick, spoiler free synopsis of Childs Play 2:

The sequel takes place just two years after serial killer Charles Lee Ray, who is played by Brad Dourif transferred his soul into the notorious Good Guy doll named Chucky. Ray was believed to be dead but a toy company attempts to re-make the doll, bringing Ray back in the process. Now Chucky, scheming on taking on another human body, goes on a murder spree to find his previous owner Andy Barclay, who is played by young Alex Vincent. Andy now lives in a foster home with a new family. Kyle, Andy’s foster sister, who is played by Christine Elise, tries to help him. Unfortunately, his foster parents are convinced poor Andy is just a troubled kid. Which lets Chucky continue on his spree.

Childs Play 2 was released to theaters on November 9, 1990 and was directed by John Lafia and produced by David Kirschner. The film had a generous budget of 13 million dollars and made over 35.8 million dollars in the box office internationally and opened at number one in the United States. Tickets to the 30th anniversary screening can be bought here.

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