‘Manifest’ Recap: Ben and Olive Make a Shocking Discovery in Season 2, Episode 8 “Carry On”

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After a two-week break and a heartbreaking ending in the previous episode, Manifest is back. The show left off with the 828 passengers all at the same club, only for Isaiah to set the place on fire. It resulted in an unfortunate and devastating death, as TJ was still inside when the club exploded, leaving Olive and fans heartbroken. In the latest episode, Ben gets a Calling that has him wondering why he’s hearing chants and tries to get Olive to help him while Saanvi and Zeke try to get closer to cracking the Death Date as Zeke’s time is running out. Also, Michaela finally figures out what Jared’s up to with the help of Drea.

Find out what happened in the newest episode of Manifest season 2, “Carry On.”

At the Stone home, Olive has wrapped herself in a blanket and is just sitting on the couch, watching news coverage of the explosion and investigation. Simon, a colleague of Ben’s, stops by, saying it’s the least he could do. Simon tells Ben he knows TJ was a friend to them and everyone on campus is terribly upset.

“Upset?! That is such bull!”

Olive butts in, saying everyone at that campus thought TJ was a freak, nobody accepted him, and nobody even knew anything about him. And now they’re all sad that he’s gone. Simon gets up to leave but first says he has to use the bathroom. Although before going to the bathroom, he takes a picture of a bulletin board with family photos and notes on it. He then sneaks into Ben’s office and later leaves, telling Ben not to hesitate to call him if he needs anything.

Meanwhile, Ben asks Olive if they really need to be watching the news coverage, and Olive says search and rescue is still going on, and a woman just found her sister. Olive still has hope that TJ could have made it out alive, too. Michaela arrives and asks Ben to talk to him in the other room, but Olive stops her, asking if she found TJ; she has the right to know. Michaela sits in front of Olive, holding out a bracelet that she found, Olive’s bracelet that she gave to TJ. Olive breaks down in tears while Ben, Grace, and Michaela try to comfort her.

Simon is giving a lecture at Humanity First, with Jared among the listeners, saying their mission is to create a greater, safer, stronger nation and that the passengers of Flight 828 threaten that mission. The 185 passengers are walking time bombs at hospitals, universities, and police precincts. Which one of them will be next to detonate? A guy, Billy, leans forward and tells Jared they have to get those “bastards” before they get them, and Jared nods in agreement. After the lecture, Simon thanks Jared for attending, and Jared says he appreciates him for asking. Jared tells Simon as a heads up he wouldn’t be surprised if people in his orbit start to get interrogated about the club fire. “I’m on the verge of exposing the 828ers for the threat they are. Violence would make them sympathetic.” Jared says his sources tell him it was a rogue member of the Church of the Believers and the leader is probably in hiding. Simon says they could use this — a false flag operation set by 828 sympathizers to generate support. He thanks Jared, saying he’s proven himself to be quite valuable.

Zeke meets Saanvi at the hospital and shows her his fingers, which are severely injured thanks to frostbite, but it’s nothing he can’t handle. Zeke says it’s not getting better, just like in the cave. Saanvi might be right — Zeke may be freezing to death. Saanvi takes Jared to her lab to start doing tests.

At the precinct, Drea tells Michaela that Jared defended the Xers, at least that’s what it sounded like to her. Jared was insistent that they couldn’t be involved in the arson. Michaela says the Xers didn’t start the fire, but her gut is telling her that Jared’s involved in something that could cause serious problems. She hates to say it, but she thinks Jared might be involved with the Xers and leaking police intel to them. Jared copied Michaela’s investigations and then lied about it, but that’s all she has on him. Drea suggests they tail him.

After checking up on Olive, who is just lying in her bed with her bracelet, Ben tells Grace his laying into Olive about Adrian and following the Believers just created a giant void between them. Grace says everything he said to her was right. “Yeah, but it doesn’t make it any better.” Ben had told himself he was going to make up for lost time, but he just pushed Olive further and further away from him since he came back. Grace thinks they should give her space; maybe the time will be good for both of them. Ben tells Grace that Olive just lost the first love of her life, and he has to do something to help her. “You can’t protect her from her pain.” Ben just can’t stop thinking about the Al-Zuras illustration of the man carrying the girl through the fire; it might as well have been a picture of him and Olive at the nightclub. Ben says it has to mean something.

Ben is in his office again looking at the illustration and getting flashbacks of carrying Olive out of the nightclub. Going between the tarot card, illustration, and TJ’s picture on the passenger board, Ben is trying to figure out what it all means. He suddenly hears a chanting. “What the hell do you want from me?” Ben calls Michaela and asks her if she just got the Calling; it was some sort of chanting but not in a language he recognized. Michaela says she wishes she could help, and Ben tells her the last Calling he had was about fire; he didn’t figure it out until it was too late. He can’t let people die again. Michaela tries to calm him down, saying many more people survived because of him. She tells Ben she’ll call him if she hears anything.

Saanvi is still trying to help Zeke — his MRI looks good, with no bone or muscle damage. Zeke says this is all just a bandaid; it’s not going to save his life. He pleads with Saanvi to figure out what will save him; he’s only got six months. Saanvi admits to having experimented on herself. After using an injectable serum, she’s been able to eliminate the DNA anomaly from her body and get rid of the Callings. However, it’s still preliminary, and she tells Zeke she doesn’t know how long it’s going to last or if it’s even safe. Saanvi says there could be side effects and backfire, which could worsen her. After talking to Zeke more, she agrees, telling him he needs to clear the pre-clinical testing. If he passes that and assuming his system doesn’t reject the infusion, he might have a chance of actually beating this.

Grace comforts Olive, who keeps saying it’s her fault, but Grace says it wasn’t; it was a horrible tragedy. Ben shows Olive the illustration and tells her every time he sees it, he sees the two of them and that he just had a Calling. He thinks it had something to do with them, that they’re supposed to do something together. Olive’s still upset over the Callings and that it didn’t save TJ. Ben gets down to the memorial at the club and starts to hear the chanting Calling again. He follows the chanting to a meditation center, still hearing the chanting, and after looking around, it stops.

At home, Ben tells Olive he thinks the Calling wants to help them heal and mentions what happened earlier that day. Olive mentions that TJ’s mom was a Buddhist and how he did a DIY Buddhist funeral for his mom when she died. Ben thinks that’s what they’re supposed to do for TJ, have some sort of spiritual closure. Olive couldn’t care less about what the Callings want, but TJ would have really liked that idea. Ben and Olive get to the meditation center and start their own DIY memorial for TJ, recounting the times they first met TJ and their favorite memories of him.

After the memorial for TJ, Ben hears the chanting again. Maybe the center isn’t the final destination, and Olive tells him to concentrate. They follow the Calling through a door and downstairs, the chanting getting louder. Olive spots a door, and they successfully open it after using a pipe. The chanting is louder after opening the door, and they walk even further through the tunnel. While crawling through a tunnel that has a path leading directly to the nightclub, the chanting stops, and somebody calls out. TJ calls out, and Olive and Ben get to him, lying on the ground and bloody, alive, and talking.

As TJ lies in the hospital bed, a doctor lists what’s wrong and says she doubts he would have made it another few hours. It’s a miracle. Olive questions how Michaela found her bracelet. TJ says he pulled away from Isaiah and was holding onto the bracelet. It was Isaiah’s body that they found. Ben asks him how he found his way underneath the building with all that smoke, and TJ says he heard voices chanting. “You found your path to enlightenment.” Michaela meets Ben outside the hospital room after hearing the news over the scanner and Ben tells her it’s a really long story. She says their mom was right; all things do work together for good. Ben tells her TJ surviving the Callings, them following the Callings, it’s teaching them something.

Simon is going through photos on his phone he took while secretly searching Ben’s home office — the passenger board, the Al-Zuras illustration, clues, everything.

After getting information from Michaela and Drea about Jared being in with the Xers and that he was the one leaking intel to them, Bowers plays back a recording of Billy talking about Jared to him, saying they’ve got a problem.

When Michaela gets home, Zeke joins her at the table. She tells him about Jared betraying her, and she’s glad she has Zeke, and they can trust each other. Zeke shows her his frostbitten fingers; it’s happening. He tells her Saanvi can help, and she may have a cure.

“I’m not giving up without a fight.”

Manifest airs every Monday at 10 p.m ET/9 p.m. CT on NBC, streaming the next day on Hulu. Check out next week’s promo below!

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