Monday, October 25, 2021

Creation Announces Jared Padalecki Schedule Changes For ‘Supernatural’ Nashville

Creation Entertainment announced that due to personal commitments, Jared Padalecki’s schedule has been amended for the Nashville Convention taking place from April 17-19. According to Creation,

“On Sunday, Jared will be doing his regular stage appearances (Gold Panel and regular panel with Jensen Ackles), VIP meet & greet and duo/group photo ops.

On Saturday, Jared will be signing his complimentary autographs for Gold and Silver patrons, Solo Photo Ops and Private Meet and Greet (the Meet and Greets will be available on our auction site soon).”

While this leaves room open as it did in Chicago last year for more combination ops to be added, these have not been announced yet. Currently the Nashville Supernatural Convention is one of the hottest tickets on the circuit as it is the first to take place after the cast finishes filming, and before the series finale of Supernatural is due to air. Follow Creation for further updates and information on tickets!

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