Tuesday, March 28, 2023

YouTube Spotlight: Take a Virtual Vacation with ‘Disney in Detail’

FANDOMSPOTLIGHT / SERIESYouTube Spotlight: Take a Virtual Vacation with ‘Disney in Detail’

For this month’s YouTube spotlight, I wanted to highlight a vlogger for an increasingly popular genre on YouTube. Victoria of Disney in Detail is a Disney vlogger; she records her vacations to various Disney resorts for us to enjoy at home.

She travels to various Disney locations globally, such as Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland, but most frequently, Walt Disney World in Florida. Her trips are at various times of the year, so she checks out the various parties and festivals that are available. She sometimes travels with her partner Ian, friends Becky and Kate, or sometimes part of her vacation is solo. No matter what kind of Disney vacation you want to watch and experience, she has it covered.

As the name would suggest, she vlogs her vacations in as much detail as possible (where appropriate – no one wants to see bus journeys). Her footage gives you an in depth look at shops and merchandise, the food she eats, attractions, and she also visits plenty of the resorts’ hotels. All this detail is invaluable if you are planning your own Disney vacation. It’s also great to tide you over if you are between Disney vacations or if you are unable to visit yourself. You can experience the trip vicariously through Victoria.

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Her channel also includes videos packed full of advice for how to make the most out of your own vacations. She has videos for packing tips, a spending money guide, how to beat the Florida heat, and more.

Victoria also has another channel, Victoria in Detail, where she posts weekly vlogs, non-Disney travel vlogs, videos on stationery, make-up, and more.

At the time of writing, Disney in Detail currently has 32.4K subscribers. However, this number is rapidly growing, which is no surprise as she provides honest commentary on Disney vacations. Her bubbly personality draws you in and makes you feel like you are on vacation with a friend.

She is currently posting videos every Saturday of her most recent trip to Walt Disney World in December with Ian. Make sure you check out her channel here and her other social media: her website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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