Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rob Benedict, Brendan Smith on ‘Will You Accept This Rose?’

PODCASTSRob Benedict, Brendan Smith on 'Will You Accept This Rose?'

In this week’s episode of Will You Accept This Rose?, Rob Benedict (Supernatural) and Brendan Smith (BrandoCast with Brendan Smith) join host Arden Myrin, Katie Levine and Anna Hossnieh to talk about the new episode of The Bachelor.

Check the synopsis below:

Rob and Brendan join Arden to discuss CHAMPAGNE GATE 2020!!!!! Hannah Android! Monster Spiders! Glitter Boners!

– Arden is getting ready to play Hannah AND Peter’s mom in the stage production of the Bachelor!

– Rob is impressed as Arden twerks on a chair in lederhosen as Brendan removes a tarantula!

– Brendan does his impression of Mickey Mouse forcing Peter back into his contract!

– Anna eyeballs a  monster spider!

– Katie wants Hannah B to run away with her Dancing with the Stars partner!

All that plus……..TWEET OF THE WEEK!

Will You Accept This Rose? is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and the podcast’s website.

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