Friday, September 17, 2021

Mark Gatiss Explores the Lust for Blood in Upcoming TV Special

Courtesy of BBC Two

While audiences in the U.K. have already been blessed by the Count’s first visit on New Year’s Day, international fans of the bloodsucking aristocrat will have to wait two more days until all three episodes of the new mini-series Dracula are available on Netflix worldwide.

Fans are in for another treat this Friday when BBC Two will be airing a 60-minute special on the world’s fascination with Bram Stoker’s classic novel that tells the story of the Transylvanian count. In the special, Mark Gatiss (who has co-written, created, and starred in the upcoming series) will explore not only the sources of the material but also famous filming locations by talking to experts, authors, and fans.

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The show will air Friday, January 3 at 10.30 pm on BBC Two. Dracula will be available on Netflix the day after. Stay tuned for our review of the show coming soon!

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