Evermore Park to Debut ‘Realms’ on New Year’s Eve

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Image courtesy of Evermore Park

Evermore Park was heralded as the world’s first experience park and the future of the Attractions industry when it opened in 2018. Described as an immersive story guests can explore across 15 acres of tech, visual effects, and live actors in an unprecedented role-playing fantasy game setting, Evermore has thrived as a must-do experience.

Now, on the cusp of 2020, Evermore is still creating and engaging, and is set to release a brand new component to the park in the form of a new adventure game expansion called Realms

Realms is part of the real collectible adventure cards that guests can find at Evermore’s Kettle Café and Mercantile, which directly affect how a guest may engage with the story of the park as a player. Depending on which quests they decide to take up inside the park, players will be able to level up their status from Apprentice to Champion, and even join a guild to climb through the ranks.

Until December 31, 2019, adventure cards were only available to collect during the Mythos season in the summer, but are now available to gather during the current Aurora season with the Realms expansion.

To learn more about Evermore Park, visit the official website at Evermore.com.

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