‘Avengers Campus’ Opens Summer 2020 at Disney California Adventure Park

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Image courtesy of Disney

In Summer 2020, phase one of the Avengers Campus will open in Disney California Adventure Park.

This phase includes the Spider-Man ride-through attraction, Worldwide Engineering Brigade (‘WEB’), which will allow you to sling webs like the superhero. Pym Test Kitchen will also open, where food will be grown and shrunk using ‘Pym Particles’ from the Ant-Man franchise.

Image courtesy of Disney

There will also be opportunities to meet some of your favorite superheroes. Black Widow, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, the Guardians of the Galaxy and superheroes from Wakanda and Asgard are all set to appear at the campus.

Currently, there is no date for when phase two will open, but it will see the opening of the Avengers Headquarters attraction. This attraction will allow you to board the Quinjet and help the Avengers save the world!

We can’t wait to immerse ourselves in the world of Marvel!

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