Sunday, October 17, 2021

Chris Hemsworth Wins the AGBO Superhero Fantasy League!

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Chris Hemsworth is worthy! Well, we already knew that … but now he’s proved his worth both as the God of Thunder and the champion of the AGBO Superhero Fantasy League put on by the Russo brothers and their film production company, AGBO.

Back in September, Anthony and Joe Russo, directors of four Marvel Cinematic Universe films, announced the league and its prize — $100,000 to be split amongst 14 charities, all chosen by the league members, all of which were actors in superhero films. On Christmas Day, AGBO announced the winner of the league on Twitter, and how the remainder of that $100,000 was divvied up between all 14 charities. Each charity received a default of $3,000, while some bonuses were earned.

The inaugural overall winner of the league, with $19,000 going to the Australian Childhood Foundation, was Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

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The remaining 13 teams break down as follows:

  • 2nd: Miles Teller for NAMI: $20,000 (Bonuses received: Weekly High Points: $3,000, Highest Point Season: $5,000, Playoff Round: $1,000, and Second Place Overall: $8,000)
  • 3rd: Ryan Reynolds for Sick Kids Foundation: $11,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000, Playoff Round: $1,000, and Third Place Overall: $6,000)
  • 4th: Matthew Berry for V Foundation: $8,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000, Playoff Round: $1,000, and Fourth Place Overall: $3,000)
  • 5th: Karen Gillan for The Hive Project/Mikeysline: $5,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000, Playoff Round: $1,000)
  • 6th: Elizabeth Olsen for The Rape Foundation: $5,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000, Playoff Round: $1,000)
  • 7th: Paul Rudd for Children’s Mercy: $5,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000, Playoff Round: $1,000)
  • 8th: Chris Pratt for Brain Treatment Foundation: $6,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $2,000, Playoff Round: $1,000)
  • 9th: Anthony Mackie for Stem NOLA: $3,000
  • 10th: Joe Russo for Arthritis Foundation: $4,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $1,000)
  • 11th: Chris Evans for Christopher’s Haven: $3,000
  • 12th: Michael B. Jordan for My Brother’s Keeper: $3,000
  • 13th: Robert Downey Jr. for Sacred Heart: $5,000 (Bonuses received: High Point: $2,000)
  • 14th: Tom Holland for Brother’s Trust: $3,000

This league was a ton of fun to keep up with, trash talk videos and all, and we can’t wait to see what AGBO does next year!

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