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Nerds Gets Cheery: Christmas Time is Here with ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

MOVIESNerds Gets Cheery: Christmas Time is Here with 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Welcome to day 22 of our Nerds Gets Cheery series. All month long we will be bringing you our favorite holiday movies, both new and old, to get into the spirit of the season. Today’s movie is A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Courtesy of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

 This 1965 animated television special debuted on CBS on December 9. The 30 minute special shows Charlie Brown as he is a bit down, despite the holiday season upon him. After a session with Lucy, she suggests that Charlie Brown becomes the director of the neighborhood Christmas play. Charlie Brown gives all he has only to have his peers ignore and mock him. In the end Charlie Brown doesn’t understand what Christmas is truly about.

It takes Linus reciting a Christmas story from the Bible for Charlie Brown to get a bit of understanding of Christmas and what the holiday is truly about. In the end, the Peanuts Gang come together to sing and celebrate the holiday with one another.

Courtesy of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’
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I have loved A Charlie Brown Christmas since I was a little girl, and it still warms my heart the more times I watch it. What I continue to love about the movie is that Charlie Brown is such a perfect character to represent the Christmas spirit. He gives off so much hope and optimism that I think any child (young or old) can appreciate.

Besides the message that the movie gives viewers, the animation is simple and sweet to the eye and captures everyone’s attention. A Charlie Brown Christmas is a true classic and will continue to be a classic holiday movie for generations to come. This is a great movie to curl up in your blankets and spend some time with the family.

Courtesy of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

What is your favorite part from A Charlie Brown Christmas? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure you come back tomorrow for some more holiday favorites. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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