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Nerds Gets Cheery: All Aboard ‘The Polar Express’!

MOVIESNerds Gets Cheery: All Aboard 'The Polar Express'!

It’s hard to believe the Christmas train is just one short week away from rolling into the station, but it’s true! There’s no need to fret about how to keep the entertainment level high on Christmas Eve because the Nerds and Beyond Christmas series is still chugging along with a full head of steam, and today we’re taking a quick trip to the North Pole courtesy of The Polar Express.

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This is the one movie I make sure to watch every year, making it easily my most-watched film of all time. When a young boy begins to doubt Santa Claus’ existence, on Christmas Eve of all nights, he gets the experience of a lifetime aboard The Polar Express. The train comes to a stop in front of the boy’s house, offering him a trip to the North Pole, something that’s just too tempting to pass on. Once aboard, he makes friends and, inadvertently, trouble. He finds himself in precarious situations throughout the movie from being on top of the train to the coal car to the very front of the train as it descends the steepest hill in the world, and yes, even in Santa’s gift sack.

Courtesy of IMDb

This movie honestly has it all: adventure, music, dance, Scrooge, comedy, and even action! Okay, so maybe it isn’t The Fast and the Furious action, but action nonetheless. Most importantly, though, it embodies the Christmas spirit, and I don’t necessarily mean believing in Santa Claus. This movie shows us the joy of Christmas doesn’t come from believing in Santa. Sure, our young boy ends up meeting the man himself, but it’s more than that. It’s about realizing as long you’ve got hope, life will surprise you in the most wonderful of ways.

Courtesy of IMDb
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The 2004 film hasn’t lost its magic, and we can still hear that bell ringing in the distance. Can you? Do you believe?

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