Don’t Judge a Band By It’s Cover: A 10th Anniversary Nod to Louden Swain’s Christmas Cover


Courtesy of Louden Swain

“The most culturally significant and important work to date,” that’s what many critics* have deemed this evergreen Christmas cover.

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the greatest Christmas Cover known to any human (or robot): Louden Swain’s “Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You” by Billy Squier. For anyone who has yet to see it, this cover and music video has EVERYTHING from Billy’s 2009 hairdo and Stephen’s tambourine playing, to Borja’s wig, and Rob’s “lip stinking… um… lip synching!” It’s become a tradition to watch this video every year and see how much the band has grown as musicians … as well as hair style changes. Though we still cannot confirm nor deny the rumors of the band drinking something stronger than eggnog during the making of the video, we still think it’s their best holiday musicianship.

The video is truly one that encompasses everything about the Christmas season which is, arguably, the most giving time of year. It’s clear that Rob had fully embraced that spirit, letting Stephen play what one can only assume is his drum-set (we’re basing this assumption off the fact that it is very clearly a full-size set, but looks miniature because an average sized individual is used for reference). The video also portrays a scene all too familiar for literally everyone on the face of the Earth: a meltdown, and a tree-smashing one at that. But worry not, for every holiday disaster, there is always a heartfelt moment that will stay in your heart forever.

Courtesy of Louden Swain

Christmas Is the Time to Say I Love You after all, so from us to you, “Happy Christmas Yoko, Happy Christmas John!”


*the YouTube description the band wrote themselves

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