How Chris Evans in Sweaters & Baby Yoda Are Saving the Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving has passed, and Christmas is right around the corner. Holidays can be rough, whether it’s because you’re not with your family … or because you are, there’s always something that isn’t exactly on the list of favorites. Now surely you’ve been on Twitter lately, or any website really, and have seen two topics running rampant through November. The world has gifted us this holiday season … drum roll please … Chris Evans’ Knives Out sweaters and The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda (we know, it’s not really Yoda).

Now, you’re wondering, how does this help me? What could Chris Evans in knitted garb and a tiny green puppet with big floppy ears do for me? Simple. Is there anything more distracting to something unpleasant than Chris Evans in a sea foam blue, fluffy sweater? Something out there that can cheer you up quite like Baby Yoda sipping on soup as his father brawls right in front of him? Didn’t think so.

Image courtesy of Disney

Is Great Aunt Betty (no offense to any Aunt Bettys out there) jabbering on about something that shouldn’t be discussed at a family gathering? At the soonest moment of respite, how easy is it to quickly turn the subject to one or both of the greatest pop culture icons of the moment? “Did you see Chris Evans in his white cable knit sweater, Aunt Betty?” Bet she hasn’t. Bet she wants to.

Image courtesy of ‘Knives Out’

Does she know Chris Evans? Maybe not, but that’s neither here nor there. Perhaps she knows a similar knitting stitch, or appreciates the way his hair is perfectly swooped to the right. Either way, all is forgotten except for strategically placed distressing amongst the threads and a sapping stare to complete the look. After that, the discussion can turn to just how fantastic the film these sweaters are featured in and soon, the night is over.

Image courtesy of ‘Knives Out’

Or maybe your friends and family, or even your workplace, are the ones who like to partake in Ugly Christmas Sweater contests? That’s so last year. In 2019, it’s all about the Chris Evans Sweater Parties to send this decade off in style — literally. Evans and the Knives Out crew gave us the gift that keeps on giving with their choice of luxurious knits via spoiled rich kid attire that we see Handsome … I mean, Ransom Drysdale donning throughout the film, and it deserves to be celebrated. Everyone just needs to grab the classiest, the coziest, the cable knit-iest knitwear they can find and compete against the King of Cashmere himself. It’s not too late to let them know there will be a change of plans, and honestly, who’s going to argue? To really gain the full benefit of this, offer to be the judge.

Plus, what’s a more convincing way to get your friends and family dressing better than hopping on a trend that Captain America started?

Or perhaps your folks like things that are small, cute, and green, maybe “Africa” by Toto, too. That’s fine, Baby Yoda is the gift of peace and joy on Earth this Christmas, nestled in his floating pod cradle; he’s given us all something believe in. Amongst the hoards of thousands of Baby Yoda memes in the vast Twitter blue, let Mando himself Pedro Pascal guide you to his favorites, for there you will find peace. Once they’re hooked on the tiny pea in a pod like the rest of the world, the hashtag #BabyYodaMemes should help you on your quest to a quiet, squeeful evening. And then, you can end on the perfect carol of “Dear Baby Yoda” from The Ringer as your family sends one finally Christmas wish for The Child to make it to The Mandalorian season two.

Have we ever seen the internet as united as we have over these two topics? The majority agrees, Chris Evans needs more sweaters (he has tons, by the way, and they’re all glorious, just search the hashtag #ChrisEvansInASweater) and Baby Yoda is the greatest thing to happen in 2019, maybe the decade, maybe ever … Whether you’re avoiding family, need a topic to sway the conversation, or something to make you smile during a difficult time, Baby Yoda and Evans’ sweaters have you covered. Enjoy them, things like this only happen once in awhile.

Knives Out is currently playing in theaters, if you need to experience those sweaters on the silver screen for the first or tenth time. And The Mandalorian is streaming new episodes on Fridays (with the exception of episode seven, which will air on Wednesday, December 18).

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