Nerds Gets Cheery: Celebrate ‘Four Christmases’

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Welcome to another Nerds Gets Cheery!

Image courtesy fo Warner Bros

This film just doesn’t get the attention is deserves. It stars Reese Witherspoon (Sweet Home Alabama) and Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers) in a romantic comedy focusing on a couple visiting all four of their divorced parents’ homes. It also features cinema legends Sissy Spacek and Jonathon Voight!

The film starts with the main couple, Kate and Brad played by Witherspoon and Vaughn, as they try to get away on vacation by themselves for the holidays by pretending they are going for charity work. However, their plan backfires as every flight leaving the airport gets cancelled and they are caught on a news broadcast — so all of their families now know they are stuck home for the holidays, which leaves them no choice but to go to all four Christmases (as both of their parents are divorced).

Image courtesy fo Warner Bros

First they go to Brad’s father, then Kate’s mother, then Brad’s mother, and Kate’s father’s last. During the four Christmases, the couple actually learn quite a bit from each other — such as Kate’s dislike of bounce houses from being a heavier child, to Brad’s real name. Kate realizes she actually wants what their siblings have, children and being married, and she tells Brad, which frightens him and it strains their relationship to the point that by the time they get to their last stop, Kate decides she wants to go in alone and proceeds to tell her father the couple have split. However, Brad returns and admits he loves Kate and wants the same thing she does and the couple reconciles. Fast forward to New Years Day the following year, and after hiding from their families for nine months, they have their first child and are again caught on news cameras, because their child was born on the new year, once again exposing them to their families.

This film is like your everyday cute romantic comedy. It’s got romance, but also makes you laugh along the way. It’s personally one of my favorite feel good Christmas movies. I highly recommend everyone to rent it this holiday season!


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