First Trailer for ‘AJ and The Queen’ Released

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Hello, hello, hello! For the past ten years, this is how drag queen RuPaul has entered the room in her show RuPaul’s Drag Race, which has now won multiple Emmy’s and other prestigious awards for the best reality program. Drag Race, however, has not only done this, but it has also put Drag culture in the mainstream. Queens competing on the show tour the world, release albums, and star in Hollywood movies.

Now, the time has come for “Mama Ru” to bring these artists whose careers she has shaped back together for something new entirely. The Netflix original series AJ and The Queen will be released on January 10, 2020, and will star RuPaul herself as well as multiple drag queens who have competed on Drag Race in the past ten years.

In the show, RuPaul will play a drag queen – no surprises there – who has spent her career saving up $100,000 – which I hope is a reference to the Drag Race prizemoney. But is robbed and has to go on a cross-country tour to make back that money she wanted to use to start her own club. She is not alone, though, because she is joined by an 11-year-old and recently-orphaned kid named AJ.

The trailer already shows some of the Drag Race royalty present in the series, among them fan favorites such as Katya, Bianca Del Rio, Latrice Royale, or Trinity Taylor. 

Check out the trailer below for some comedy, a lot of Drag Race references, and the premise of the show of a lifetime.

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