Louis Tomlinson Music Video for “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” is Out Now!

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Last month, Louis Tomlinson released his latest single from his upcoming debut album Walls. The track titled “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” is an ode to perseverance. The music video that was directed by Charlie Lightening is no different; it is a continuation from the first two previous videos, “Kill My Mind” and “We Made It.”

In the video, Tomlinson is seen playing soccer and enjoying a night out drinking in a pub with friends. The environment changes when one of the friends is singled out by some thugs. The group is threatened to carry out a heist. Tomlinson is the driving the getaway car while his friends who disguised themselves in masks, loot duffle bags filled with money. With the thugs still after him, the friend who was singles out, in the beginning, fakes his death. He is reunited with his girlfriend, who was distraught at the start asking him not to do the heist job. The end of the video has Tomlinson putting the missing money in a bag. The video turns out to be seemingly symbolic of the singer’s healing process.

Louis Tomlinson’s solo album, Walls, is set to be released on January 31, 2020. You can watch the “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” music video below!


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