‘Arrow’ Recap: Season 8, Episode 6 “Reset”

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The last episode of Arrow ended with Lyla tranquilizing Oliver, John, and Laurel. In the newest episode, we see what kind of alternate world they’re put into and how they get out of it. As the Crisis is getting closer, Team Arrow will have to do anything and everything they can to stop it.

Find out what happens in the latest episode of Arrow, titled “Reset.”

Oliver wakes up in his apartment. Mia, William, and Connor walk in, having just returned from Big Belly Burger. Oliver asks them how they got there. He was on a roof with John and Laurel, and they were tranquilized. Connor tells him that John said it was all just a big misunderstanding. Oliver asks what they did with Burov’s plan for the weapon, and William tells him he said they didn’t need it anymore. Mia asks Oliver if he’s okay because he seems like he doesn’t remember any of this. Oliver says he needs to talk to John, and Connor tells him he’s waiting for him at a fundraiser.

Oliver gets to the fundraiser and finds John. He asks John if he remembers getting tranqed the previous night. John says Lyla feels awful about that, but it wasn’t the previous night. It was two days ago. Oliver tells John that was the last thing he remembers before he woke up in his apartment. Oliver knows this is The Monitor and tells John that Lyla is working with him. Lyla comes up to them, saying she thought they had already settled this. She has been working with The Monitor but as a double agent, which she told him on the roof. Oliver says he doesn’t remember that. Rene comes up to them, telling Oliver the mayor’s looking for him. Quentin Lance, who died in the season 6 finale after taking a bullet for Laurel, reveals himself to be the Mayor of Star City.

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Oliver tells Quentin it’s been a while since he’s seen him, and Quentin tells him maybe a couple of days, but Oliver is looking at him like it’s been years. Oliver asks Quentin if Diaz shot him. Quentin says yeah, and he almost died in the OR. Doesn’t he remember? Oliver tells him he remembers it differently. Quentin says the doctors called it a miracle. He was without oxygen for so long that he should have been six feet under. He felt like he had escaped his fate. Rene tells them there’s something they need to see. While watching a newsfeed, Rene tells them there’s a hostage situation at the SCPD and the leader’s demanding to meet with the mayor. Quentin says he’s the mayor. Nobody does his dirty work for him. Oliver tells Quentin he’s going, too.

At the SCPD, Dinah meets up with Oliver and Quentin and tells them armed mercenaries stormed the precinct and took a dozen of her guys hostage. She tells them the only demand was to speak to the mayor. Quentin says he’ll go talk to him. Dinah tells him she appreciates that, but there is no way she’s sending him in there. Oliver says it’s too risky.

“Says the man who risks his life every day for this city?”

Quentin tells Dinah he’ll distract him, and in the meantime, Oliver sneaks around the back and does his thing. Quentin says the longer this drags on, the worse it gets. Let him do this. Oliver assures Dinah he’ll have his back. Dinah gives in and tells Quentin she wants him on comms the whole time.

Quentin enters the precinct, hands up. Meanwhile, Oliver takes out multiple guys around the back, telling Quentin to keep the guy talking over comms. Quentin asks the guy what he wants to talk about. The guy says Quentin is a guy who can make things happen. Quentin tells him if he gets anybody hurt, he’s in real trouble. Oliver comes up from behind the guy with his bow up. He shoots the gun out of the guy’s hand and tells him it’s over. The guy says it isn’t over until Oliver stops it. That’s the only way out. Oliver asks him what he’s talking about, and the guy reveals an explosive.

Oliver wakes up in his apartment. Mia, William, and Connor walk in, having just gotten back from Big Belly Burger. He’s reliving the same day.

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Oliver gets to the fundraiser, experiencing the same things he already did. He finds John and tells him he’s been there before. John asks him what he’s talking about. Oliver says he’s talking about The Monitor dropping him into some sort of an alternate reality, a time loop where everything is different, where Quentin is still alive. John assures Oliver that Quentin has always been alive. Oliver tries to tell him that he hasn’t. He just doesn’t remember because The Monitor has done something to people’s memories. He thinks he knows the way out of this, but he needs to stop a bomb at the SCPD. John says if there was a bomb, they’d know about it. Lyla would know about it.

Oliver finds Quentin and tells him they need to talk. He tells Quentin he’s trapped in a time loop where the same events keep repeating themselves. “Like Groundhog Day,” except this one ends with many people dead, including the two of them. Quentin wants to know how he can help. Oliver asks Quentin if he actually believes him.

“Oliver, I’ve seen one daughter die and come back to life twice. I’ve seen another come from some other Earth. I’ve seen a guy in red run so fast he can reverse time.”

Oliver says very shortly, they are going to learn that there is a hostage situation at the SCPD. They’re going to insist that they talk to Quentin and only him. There’s a hidden explosive device that Oliver didn’t know about the first time through, and judging from the blast, it’s underneath the building. Oliver will find it and keep them from exploding. Then what? Oliver says he breaks out of the loop.

At the SCPD, Oliver tells Dinah that the criminals have a bomb and that it’s not in the building; it’s underneath it. While Quentin is in the precinct distracting the criminals, Oliver is underneath the building, trying to find the bomb. He notices someone walking toward it, and it turns out to be Laurel. Oliver tells her it’s his second time through. Laurel says the same as her. Oliver points out that The Monitor is doing this to punish them. Laurel tells him they are the two people who have royally pissed him off the most. In Russia, she disobeyed him, and Oliver tried to destroy him. Oliver tells Laurel he thinks disarming the bomb is the way out. He says Quentin is buying them time, but they don’t know when the bomb will go off. They activated some kind of fail-safe, so Oliver tells Laurel with the next loop, they need more time. Laurel says it would probably help if they found each other faster next time. He tells her there’s a party at the Palmer Tech building and to meet him there.

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Oliver and Laurel are at the fundraiser, with no sign of Lyla. John told Oliver she got called away on a last-minute A.R.G.U.S. mission, which means she’s never even been at the party. Oliver asks Laurel if anything in her conversation with Lyla stood out. Laurel recalls Lyla saying how Laurel feels towards Lyla was on her like it’s her fault that she’s stuck there. Oliver thinks saving Quentin isn’t the key. Lyla told him she was trying to help him. Oliver thinks this whole thing is a test. There is a way out, and he’s going to find it.

Oliver, Laurel, and Quentin figure out a CEO named Anderson White is behind the bomb situation and wants Quentin dead. They go to one of the company’s warehouses, and Quentin is shot. Laurel stays with Quentin while Oliver takes care of the rest of the guys. Laurel tells Quentin she’s not giving up and that he is the reason that she’s trying to be a hero. She tells him she never had the chance to tell him how much he means to her. Oliver comes back and sees that Quentin has died. Laurel tells Oliver she’s done. All she ever wanted was to say goodbye to Quentin, and now she has.

In the next reset, Oliver goes to the bunker to find Laurel, but she’s nowhere to be found. Lyla tells him she’s gone. Oliver demands that Lyla get him out of there. Lyla tells him she can’t. Mar Novu needs him to understand no good will come from struggle. The only way to do that is to accept the inevitable. She tells him to learn that, and the loop will end.

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Oliver brings Quentin to the Lion’s Den, saying he couldn’t think of a better way to keep him safe. They’re caught in a crossfire and are trying to get away. Quentin is shot. After getting trapped, Oliver says they will find a way out, no matter how many times it takes. Quentin tells him if he takes out guys, there will just be more. There is no saving him. Maybe Oliver isn’t supposed to save him. Oliver says he’s not giving up, and Quentin’s not giving up, either. Quentin says perhaps he’s giving in. He’s been outrunning death for a while now. When Diaz shot him, he thought it was finally the end, and he was at peace with it. Maybe Oliver should be too. Quentin takes off his protective gear and walks toward a bomb.

Oliver wakes up in his apartment in another reset. When Mia, William, and Connor walk through the door, Oliver tells them what a gift it has been getting to know them. Before Oliver leaves, Mia tells him he’s going to be fine, that they all will be. Oliver finds Quentin at the fundraiser and asks to talk to him. He asks Quentin what made him decide Oliver wasn’t his enemy anymore. Quentin says his daughters. If they were okay with him, he should be too. Quentin asks Oliver if there is any particular reason for the trip down memory lane, and Oliver tells him he’s been hanging on to something. Someone told him recently it’s about time he made peace with it. Oliver thanks Quentin for everything. He leaves as Rene tells Quentin about the hostage situation.

Lyla finds him and tells him now he understands. Oliver says he couldn’t change Quentin’s fate, and he can’t change his either. Lyla tells him he’s always been the man who wanted to see things for himself. Telling him wouldn’t be enough. She says she’s been working with The Monitor for a while. She did it for the same reason Oliver left Felicity and Mia in the cabin: to protect her family. Lyla says that’s the only way. The Crisis is coming. All they can do is try to survive it. She says there’s an evil coming that is greater than anything they’ve ever faced. Oliver asks if they can stop it. Lyla says she doesn’t know, but he is the only chance they have. Lyla says everything Oliver has gone through has been a test. The Monitor needed to make sure he was ready. Oliver just needs to complete his final mission now.

Oliver and Laurel wake up in a tent. Oliver tells her they got out by learning their lessons. Now they have one final mission. They leave the tent, Mia, William, Connor, and John walking up to them. Oliver tells them they’re on Lian Yu.

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There’s just one episode left before the start of the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event. How will they be able to stop the crisis, and how does everyone else get roped in? Find out in next week’s penultimate episode before the crossover this Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on the CW.

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