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Backdoor Pilot Set for ‘The 100’ Prequel

TELEVISIONBackdoor Pilot Set for ‘The 100’ Prequel
Image courtesy of ‘The 100’

Fans of The 100 were disappointed to hear that season seven would be the last for the popular sci-fi show. However, they will be pleased to know that this may not be the end of the road for The 100. Creator and executive producer of The 100, Jason Rothenberg, has written a potential prequel for the show.

The 100 tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic world, where humans escaped into space, to live aboard a space station, to escape the uninhabitable earth following a nuclear apocalypse. One hundred underage criminals are sent back to earth to investigate the living conditions after it becomes clear that the space station cannot support the population for much longer. The 100 return to the ground to find it inhabitable but find that it was not made entirely uninhabitable in the first place; they are not the only survivors.

The yet untitled prequel is set 97 years before the events of season one of The 100. The spinoff will reportedly follow survivors on the earth immediately following the nuclear apocalypse. These survivors will presumably become the groups that were known as ‘the grounders’ in the original series. ‘The grounders’ are renowned for being warriors and hardened people. The survivors are sure to go through some tough and dramatic events to bring their ancestors to that end point.

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The prequel will be introduced as a backdoor pilot, although where it will fall within season seven is yet unknown. I will definitely be looking forward to this continuation of the world of The 100. No official release date has been given for season seven yet. It should return sometime in 2020 for a 16-episode run on The CW, bringing the total number of episodes to 100.

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