Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Radio Company’s “Sounds of Someday” to be Featured in ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 4

MUSICRadio Company's "Sounds of Someday" to be Featured in 'Supernatural' Season 15,...

The very first episode of Supernatural‘s 15th and final season that was filmed was episode 4, “Atomic Monsters,” directed by Dean Winchester himself, Jensen Ackles. Recently, Ackles and Steve Carlson announced their debut album with their band Radio Company entitled Vol. 1. The lead single, “Sounds of Someday,” has proven to be a hit among fans. Now, fans will be able to hear the song during the episode.

According to Variety“Sounds of Someday” plays over the climax of Sam and Dean’s run-in with the monster-of-the-week they’re hunting. “Atomic Monsters” will follow the brothers as they investigate the mysterious death of a cheerleader and the disappearance of another from the same school. The episode marks Ackles’ sixth episode he’s directed since making his directorial debut in season 6.

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Radio Company’s Vol. 1 is available for preorder now and debuts on Friday, November 8.

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