Saturday, April 1, 2023

Radio Company Vol. 1 Available for Pre-Save on Spotify

MUSICRadio Company Vol. 1 Available for Pre-Save on Spotify

It has been years in the Supernatural fandom that we’ve longed for Jensen Ackles to lend his voice to an album. And now that he’s done so alongside his musically gifted friend, Steve Carlson, we’re a touch frantic to have our hands on our very own copy of the Radio Company Vol. 1 album.

Only a few days ago, Apple Music fans were able to listen to the first single ‘Sounds of Someday’ to come out of the album. However, if you swayed on the other end of the streaming platform, then you didn’t have much luck until now. Spotify is the latest to join the bandwagon for pre-save.

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Make sure to watch as the single will be in your playlists the second Radio Company Vol. 1 comes out on November 8. Don’t forget you can also purchase band merchandise from their official website.

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