‘The Blacklist’ Season Seven, Episode Two Recap: “Louis T. Steinhill: Conclusion”

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Laila Robins in ‘The Blacklist.’ Courtesy of IMDb.

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This week’s episode begins with Red hanging on the fence, his blood being taken out. “Six-thousand milliliters. That’s how much blood an adult male of your size has in his body.” She tells Red that he has lost about 20% of blood in his body, and that’s why he is feeling the effects of blood loss. She tells him that she doesn’t want to do this but she needs to know who is after her. He tells her he just came to Paris to warn her, and he has nothing else to say. “If you think those secrets are worth dying for, prove it.”

The Task Force team is debriefing Cooper on the con, at the warehouse that made Reddington believe he was in a Paris hospital. The workers consisted of cops, firefighters, and others, but Steinhill kept everything “need to know,” and no one knew who hired him. Ressler tells Cooper that once the con was blown, Red tried to escape but got caught again, and they moved him to another location. Cooper tells the team to start from the beginning and recount the events from Paris to Annapolis. Liz tells Cooper that Katarina Rostova may be behind all of this, making people believe she is still dead. Ressler tells Cooper that he has a location of where the workers went to get fitted for the costumes and tells him to head there. Liz stays behind and says, “I brought Agnes home thinking my mother wasn’t a threat. Now, I’m not so sure.”

Rostova and Steinhill talk. She wonders if she should trust him, since his plan failing got them into this mess. She never wanted to kill Reddington, but Steinhill tells her it’s for the best. She asks about the nurse that helped before, but Steinhill says that he trusts her. Red asks the nurse how long he has, and she says about half an hour. He tells her that he has met his share of killers, but when he looks into her eyes, he doesn’t see that. He asks her to help, but she says that she can’t, because she is already blamed for his escape from the “hospital.” She leaves as Katarina approaches. She says that in Belgrade, she lost her everything. She blames Red for it. She wants him to prove that he cares about her, and she wants the truth. Katarina asks Red who is coming after her, and he refuses to say. She becomes angry, telling him that she will go after Dom, her father, instead. Red asks her to leave Dom alone, but she says he has left her no choice. She leaves, and he is left in the dark.

Courtesy of Virginia Sherwood and NBC

The nurse returns and gets Reddington out of the warehouse. She makes it to her car, but someone catches them, and she shoots him. Ressler and Keen arrive at the costume shop and ask to speak to Margaret Teague. She arrives, and they ask her about Louis Steinhill. She says that she doesn’t know him. She tells them that she is a supplier and drops off the supplies. Liz asks, “To where?”

Mila, the nurse, is driving down the road, worried and scared about the man she shot. Red asks for her phone and calls Dembe. Dembe said that it has been a week, and he was about to enact the protocol. Red tells Dembe that they have to get to Dom, and that she is after him. He also tells him to bring platelets and to come alone. Dembe asks him to go to the hospital, because she sounds bad. Red tells him if he doesn’t make it, he knows what to do. Red tells Mila that she needs to get to the highway, and Mila insists that he needs a hospital. Red passes out. Mila pulls off on a dirt road and gives Red blood. Red tells her that they need to keep moving so they aren’t found, but she says they already have. She takes out his tracker, and Red asks why she helped him. She says that he is right. She isn’t a killer, and she has horrible judgement when it comes to men.

They arrive at Dom’s, and she walks inside. He is holding a gun, but she brings him to the car to show him Reddington. Dembe has arrived and is giving Red blood as Dom asks about Katarina. Red says that she is coming, and she is closing in. Dom says he is off the grid, but Dembe reminds him that Liz found him. Red tells him that he knows it is hard to leave, but it’s not worth dying for. Dom says that going out with a fight seems like a pretty good way to go. Mila opens a book and sees the name Katarina. As she looks, Red tells Dom that Katarina wants answers and revenge. Mila asks whose book she is holding, and Dom tells her that Katarina is his daughter. Mila says that Rostova is coming after him, because he betrayed her. Red says that it’s complicated family business. Dom said that he did what he thought was right and to protect his own.

Katarina and Steinhill see that Red is gone, and that he has arrived at a farmhouse. Steinhill asks about Red meaning a great deal to her. She said that he did, once. Steinhill asks if Red would give her mercy if the roles were reversed. She says no, and he tells her that she can’t give him mercy.

Mila is cleaning out her car when Dembe comes outside to thank her. She tells him that she signed up to take down the most wanted man, not knowing he wasn’t that at all. Dembe says that what we are supposed to be is hardly what we are. He gives her a number to call, and she says that she didn’t do it for the money. Dembe says that Red takes care of the people that help him and that the number isn’t just for money, but for protection. She asks Dembe about Red saying she wasn’t a killer, saying he doesn’t even know her. Dembe says that Red is right, and he knows enough. She gets in her car and leaves.

At the warehouse where Red was taken for the blood withdrawal, the FBI storm the building and shots are exchanged. They capture some of the workers still left, and Liz and Ressler find the fence and blood where Red was hanging before. Liz and Ressler go after Steinhill, and they reach a loft. The door is locked, and a woman says that he is alone. They tell Steinhill to come out when a shot is fired. They bust through the door to find that Steinhill has shot himself dead.

Back at Dom’s, Red tells Dom that they can take what they can but they need to go. Dom asks where they would go, and Red names some ideas and says they only have the day. Mila comes back inside to tell them that they don’t have the day to escape. She says that Katarina has been tracking them since they left the safe house, and she will be here within the hour. Dembe says that the chip was taken out of Raymond’s neck, and Red chimes in that it wasn’t taken out of hers. Mila tells him that Katarina ordered her to help Red escape, to lead her to Dom. Reddington asks Mila how much time they have, and she says 20-30 min. Red tells Dom they need to find those extra shells.

Dembe and Dom look into his basement as Red interrogates “Mila.” Her real name is Franchesca “Frankie” Campbell. She is a former combat medic, and that’s why Steinhill picked her. Red wants her to tell him about the con. She tells him that Katarina hired Steinhill to con Red into telling Steinhill or his character, who is trying to kill Rostova. The plan was to con him, not kill him. They were hoping that Reddington would give information on her safe houses or any information he would give up. Dembe and Dom are in the basement looking at the guns and explosives as Red continues to talk to Mila. Steinhill knew that Red would be confident, since he escaped the “hospital.” She tells him that every last detail was planned. The “shooting” of the guard she was worried about, the car being parked, leaving him alone to die was all orchestrated by Steinhill. Dom and Dembe come into the room with the weapons, and Frankie offers her help. Dom says that she is the reason they are in this mess, but Dembe says they could use an extra hand. Red asks her what they call a combat medic in the army and she says, “68 Whiskey.” “Dembe, give the woman a shotgun.”

Liz and Ressler are at the safe/warehouse as Steinhill’s body is taken away to the morgue for an accurate ID. Liz brings a laptop out and says that Steinhill and Rostova tricked Red. He never really escaped because they are tracking him right now, with the nurse who befriended him and helped him escape. Liz tells Ressler that she would’ve gone to Dom to get answers if Reddington wouldn’t give them up. Liz and Ressler rush over to Dom’s.

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Katarina arrives, and everyone is in place. Frankie goes out to meet Katarina, and three guards walk with Frankie back to the house. Katarina says to kill the others but bring Dom to her, alive. When they get inside, Frankie and Dembe hold their guns up and shoot the three guards, because they were about to fire. Katarina and her men hear the shots, and the gunfire begins. Red is outside hiding as Dom is inside waiting for Red’s signal to shoot. Dembe runs upstairs. Red tells Dom to shoot, and he gets his explosive device ready and presses it. Frankie’s car blows up, taking a few men with it. A man shoots at the room where Dom is, and he is hit. Red looks up at Dembe, who tells him to turn around, and Red shoots two men. Red runs inside to Dom and yells for Dembe. Red and Dembe carry Dom into the basement as Frankie covers them. They lay him down, and keep pressure on the wound. They duct tape the gauze to the wound until they can get out. Footsteps are heard above, and Katarina tells them that she will save Dom’s life. Red says that if they open the door, she will kill them all. She gives them one final warning to open the door, but one of her men whispers to her, and they leave. Suddenly, Liz, Ressler, and the FBI team shows up. Liz calls down to Dom, and Red tells her that they are all down there, and Dom has been hit.

Cooper, Aram, and Ressler are on the phone. Ressler says they have Reddington, but Dom isn’t doing too well, and they are losing him. Instead of a hospital where people will ask questions, they get Dom to a warehouse, but the doctor is running late. Frankie tells the nurses he will be dead before the doctor arrives. Red insists that she perform the surgery. Liz and Red hold their breath as they wait outside the operating room. The doctors and nurses all breathe a sigh of relief, as the surgery was a success.

Liz questions Red as to what happened in Paris and why her grandfather is dying in this warehouse. “You did,” Red says. He tells her that this is what happens when she and Ressler asks questions. The name Katarina Rostova has consequences, and he told her to leave it alone. People will come from all over to shut down the chance that Katarina could be alive.

Cooper and Liz talk in his office. She says that Red is right; she asked the questions, and now she is dealing with the consequences. Cooper tells her that she deserves answers, and it is not her fault, because he held the truth from her. She asks him if he is going to report to Main Justice. He isn’t sure yet. Dealing with Red’s true identity is not what he wants. Red still didn’t tell Liz who took him in Paris, and she says they can’t ask Steinhill. Cooper says Aram is following up with the medical examiner and in the meantime has put a security detail on Liz’s apartment. She apologizes for her messy family, but he says that the Task Force is her family. The M.E. truck is seen as Aram runs into Cooper’s office to tell him Steinhill’s body never made it to the morgue. A man named G. Host cancelled the pickup, as in “Ghost.” Steinhill walks out of the back of the truck, alive.

Red is talking to Frankie in his car and says that he is deciding what to do with her. She warned them and helped saved them, but she is part of the reason they were in danger. He appreciates her saving Dom, but just because she saved Dom’s life doesn’t make them even. Frankie asks about the FBI not arresting him, as he says he needs help finding the woman who did this. Until that happens, she isn’t going anywhere. Frankie asks about Dom. Red says that they don’t know how long his brain went without oxygen, and if he wakes up, he may not be the same.

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Red is seen by Dom’s bedside as Liz arrives. She didn’t know that Dom and Red were so close, and Red tells her that they have known each other for a long time, even if it’s been unpleasant. Liz says that she is sorry for asking all the questions, but one day, when this is all over, she will ask and get the answers she needs. He tells Liz that when Dom gets better, she should bring Agnes to meet Dom.

Agnes is getting ready for school. As Liz and Agnes leave, a woman has just moved in across the hall. She compliments Agnes on her headband as Liz introduces herself and Agnes. She had no idea that her old neighbor was leaving, but the woman says that their old neighbor went to Pittsburgh to stay with some family. Agnes compliments the woman, and the woman says that she reminds her of her granddaughter. She assures Liz that they will be seeing more of each other. The woman happens to be Katarina Rostova.

Here is the promo for next week’s episode:

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