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Disney Drives ‘Onward’ into Suburban Fantasy Film with Official Trailer & Poster

FANDOMDISNEYDisney Drives ‘Onward’ into Suburban Fantasy Film with Official Trailer & Poster
Courtesy of Disney

Amid live-action remakes and animated sequels, Disney and Pixar have conjured something fresh for 2020 called Onward, a modernized fantasy world filled with jogging centaurs, tollbooth trolls, and pawn-shop goblins. Oh, and two teenage brothers who are about to embark on an epic adventure.

Disney first teased the film in May, sharing, “In times of old, the world was a magical place. But times change.” Cue one pointy-eared introvert (voiced by Tom Holland) and his boisterous big brother (voiced by Chris Pratt) promising destiny. We’ve been waiting for more news about this suburban epic ever since.

Lucky for us, Disney’s finally dropped the official two-minute trailer:

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Ignoring the amazing biker gang of fairies and terribly hotheaded manticore manager for a moment, Onward’s first trailer has finally revealed a magical plot for our fantasy setting: the two brothers — now both over the age of 16 — are given their father’s wizard staff and instructions left behind on how to bring him back to life for 24-hours.

No spoilers, but if you watch the trailer, you’ll understand the all-new poster that was also just released:

Obviously, all is not well in what Disney is toting as an “all-new original feature film,” and judging by the Monsters University cast behind it, we can’t wait for this adventure to start.

Onward “cometh soon” to theaters on March 6, 2020.

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