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Crunchyroll Movie Night: ‘KONOSUBA’

MOVIESCrunchyroll Movie Night: 'KONOSUBA'

The next Crunchyroll Movie Night with Fathom Events will be the U.S. premiere of KONOSUBA – God’s blessing on this wonderful world – Legend of Crimson. The movie is a new adventure from the popular KonoSuba anime series. Fans can watch the film in more than 600 theaters across the country on Tuesday, November 12 and encore on Friday, November 14. 

Mary Franklin, head of events, Crunchyroll, had this to say about the movie nights.  

“Crunchyroll Movie Nights are a powerful way for anime fans to connect with other fans in the Crunchyroll community. We are excited to present this new ‘KonoSuba’ film for them, which we’re bringing to the U.S. only months after its premiere in Japan.” 

The movie is about Satou Kazuma, a shut-in who loves video games that should be dead. He got hit by a truck, but was reincarnated in another world, and not alone. Going with him is Aqua, a troublemaking goddess; Megumin, a wildly dorky mage; and Darkness, unrelentingly delusional lady knight. Facing a danger that could destroy it is the village that Megumin and Yunyun are from — the Crimson Demon village. The group go to the Crimson Demon village to save it, but are instead faced with their greatest threat yet.

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In celebration of the movie’s premiere, Crunchyroll is releasing an exclusive KonoSuba collection from the in-house streetwear line Crunchyroll Loves. The collection includes a unique shirt with artwork from the film. It will be available to purchase in early November only at the Crunchyroll store. They are also going to be launching a new app that comes with a sticker pack in chibi style of Kazuma and the rest of the group. You can download the app here

Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Fans can purchase tickets for the film from the Fathom Events website. Watch the trailer below!


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