Legendary Comics Announced New Graphic Novel ‘The Witches of Silverlake’


Legendary Comics has announced a new graphic novel, The Witches of Silverlake, is coming in early 2021. Singer-songwriter and actor Simon Curtis will be writing it, and the art will be by Stephanie Son.

The story will follow Elliot Green, who moves across the country to Los Angeles, CA with his mother after his father dies. Elliot’s mother works as Vice Principal at one of the most prestigious private schools there. He also happens to be enrolled at the same school. Elliot is taken in by the school’s outcasts of scholarship kids, LGBTQ kids, and the kids that don’t fit in with the rich trust fund ones. The catch with Elliot’s new friends is that they are witches. He is now in the world of crystal and occult shops in Silverlake. One day, he meets an elderly shop owner that gives a prophetic warning not to go too deeply into real magic. But when the coven uses a stolen initiation candle to cast a spell that will activate their abilities, it opens a gate unleashing the magic that is powerful and real. A power more dangerous than they imagined.

Image courtesy of Legendary Comics

When talking about working on the graphic novel, Curtis had this to say:

“I am beyond thrilled to be working with Legendary to bring these characters to life. Elliot and his coven of queer, teen witches are everything I’ve always dreamed of seeing in pop culture, and I’m so excited to have a company with such incredible vision as eager as I am to tell a story of the magic of otherness.”

On Saturday, October 12, at 11 a.m. at Los Angeles Comic Con, the Legendary Comics team and Simon Curtis will be doing a panel. The panel is located in room 404AB and titled “Legendary Comics 2019 and Beyond.” They will be discussing The Witches of Silverlake graphic novel. They will also discuss updates on previous YA releases Championess and Lupina, get sneak peeks of The Heart Hunter, Lost in Space: Countdown to Danger, Acursian, and Firebrand; and will receive an exclusive Legendary Comics giveaway.

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