Ditch the Costume and Drink Cocktails at Universal Studio Japan’s “Otona Halloween”

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Courtesy of Universal Studios Japan
Courtesy of Universal Studios Japan

Between its unique anime exclusives and Death Eaters on parade, Universal Studios Japan might just have the best theme park entertainment around — and that was before we found out about Otona Halloween.

Reportedly created as an offering for older women who aren’t interested in flashy cosplay, Otona Halloween (loosely translating to “adult” or “sophisticated” Halloween) invites guests to “become intoxicated by a high-class and intense horror experience like you’ve never encountered before.” So, let’s don our black lace — encouraged in place of costumes — and dive into all there is to experience at Otona Halloween.

Dining: Hotel Albert

We recommend arriving at the event’s exclusive cocktail lounge first to take advantage of your free professional photo before any screams smudge your makeup. If you could use a little liquid courage, guests need only show their admission ticket for a free specialty drink.

Attraction: Hotel Albert II -REQUIEM-

This immersive experience is themed as a decaying high-end hotel that sits as the spotlight attraction for Otona Halloween. So, it’s probably no surprise that Universal requires a signed agreement to participate. Oh, and if a scareactor jumps out at you somewhere in this four story horror maze? Run, because they’re allowed to touch guests.

Scarezone: The Cursed Rose Garden

Otona Halloween continues with the sophisticated feel to bring guests a “mysterious and eerily beautiful labyrinth” where one may even run into Death itself. Thorned photo-spots full of red roses and the Cursed Rose Banquet dining experience can also be found within.

Dining: Cursed Rose Banquet

Otherwise known as Park Side Grille, this venue has been re-themed specifically for Otona Halloween as a dinner party taking place within a western haunted mansion, where patrons may be forced to relive the home’s horrific past.

Show: Blood Legend

If you need to get away from the monsters, why not slip inside Universal’s Cinema 4-D Theater to catch your breath and enjoy a 10-minute show about vampires? Of course, it is in 4-D, so who knows what surprises may be in store…

To find out more about Otona Halloween, visit Universal Studio Japan’s official webpage.

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