Michael Vlamis Launches New Vlambase Newsletter, Teases Merch Line

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Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.
Image Courtesy Michael Vlamis.

Michael Vlamis stole the hearts of Roswell, New Mexico fans all over the world almost as soon as he set foot on our screens. The lovable alien cowboy has now created a newsletter for his fans affectionately known as the “Vlambase” (Vlamis + fanbase, get it?)

According to the first email, the newsletter will cover a variety of topics including Roswell related fan questions, updates on his latest projects, personal journal entries, and the thing we are most looking forward to: more 1999 Word Art. Vlamis invites fans to send questions his way via Instagram, and teases his much anticipated merch line. Though there is no official launch date yet, he’s already shared a few of those Vlamwear items in recent Instagram stories. We have, of course, grabbed a few screenshots (thanks Vlamis) of the items and so far it looks like some amazing, must haves. Check them out below!

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To sign up for the email newsletters, simply go to the new Michael Vlamis website and enter your email on the landing page. After signing up you can check out the various pages including a History section where you can get to know more about the Chicago born actor. We’ve already signed up for the newsletter and will continue to bring you the latest in Vlamis news whether it be Roswell, Vlamwear, or another campaign for Supporting Actor Nomination Nominee.

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