‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season Five Coming to Netflix in October

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Fans of the knockout comedy series Schitt’s Creek have been eagerly waiting for season five to be released on Netflix. Well, good news, the latest season will be available to rewatch beginning October 10.

The cast of the Emmy-nominated show recently wrapped up on filming season six, which will also be the last season of the show and will air in 2020.

The series was also ranked number one in TV Guide’s 100 Best Shows Right Now list. The list began at 1,700 options, where TV Guide writers and editors brought the list down to the final 100. Dan Levey told TV Guide,

What brings so much joy to me in terms of writing this family is that all of these monumental moments for each of these characters are, to most well-adjusted people, totally everyday things. Like saying I love you and being open with your feelings.

The show was co-created by father and son, Eugene and Dan Levey, and follows the Rose family as they lose everything because of a corrupt business manager. That sends Johnny (Eugene Levey) who lost his video rental business, fading actress Moira (Catherine O’Hara), tabloid socialite Alexis (Annie Murphy), and gallerist David (Dan Levey) to a small town called Schitt’s Creek. As a joke, Johnny bought the town the family now calls home and they learn to adapt to the real world without their wealth.

You can watch seasons one to four of Schitt’s Creek on Netflix now!

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