Thor and Loki’s Best MCU Bro-Ments


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Siblings, am I right? Pesky, annoying, but we love them. Thor had his hands full with his God of Mischief (adopted) brother, Loki, but might we say, Loki had a point about having to grow up in the shadow of his older brother. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, okay maybe at times it was tolerant at best, but through the bickering and Loki teetering between good and villainous, we did find some shining moments between them.

Thor: The Dark World

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Loki might be in cuffs, but that can’t stop his quick wit. Despite being the younger of the two, it certainly shows here who may have been the instigator of the relationship (we remember the snake trick, Loki.) This was one of the first scenes we saw the brothers acting like, well…brothers, picking on each other as you expect brothers to do. It was certainly a nice change of pace from their other two appearances in Thor and The Avengers where Loki was filled with glorious purpose…being the antagonist. One could make a case that this was the glimmer of a beginning to Loki’s redemption arc we see throughout his future in the films.

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Thor: The Dark World may have had its issues, but this Thor/Loki team up was not one of them. Not only do we see how powerful they truly are together — Loki with the scheming brain and magic, Thor with the brawn and power — but we see Loki protecting the one thing his brother loved, Jane Foster. While it may have been part of the plan, one may have expected Loki to abandon Jane in favor of his own selfish gains, but he didn’t. Careful Loki, your heart is showing…

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Hear me out. I know, this was a trick so Loki could head back to Asgard and steal the throne just like he’d always planned. With that being said, Loki’s words were still rooted in the love he has for his brother, whether or not he wanted to admit it. When Loki agreed back on Asgard to help Thor on his quest to save Jane, he did it for Thor (and maybe a little to get out of prison…but mostly Thor.) And Thor is devastated as he watches Loki “die”, proving that no matter his transgressions, Loki is, and always has been, his brother.

Thor: Ragnarok

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Thor: Ragnarok was a masterpiece, and no, I won’t be taking questions. This scene right here was pivotal. These are the words Loki had been desperate to hear his entire life — from his brother, his father, anyone. He’d spent his entire life in Thor’s shadow, but here was the worthy one himself saying he’d always thought the world of him and had wished for a life of them fighting side by side instead of against one another. It was possibly too little too late at this point, but we know Thor’s words had an effect on Loki, who in the end chose his brother over all else, including himself.

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Get help. I don’t think this even requires a caption as to why it made the list of best bro-ments, does it? Classic brothers move, and we’ll be here laughing that Thor can command thunder but still somehow convinced Loki that throwing him was a better option.

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Full circle. Loki finally made his choice and picked a side — his brother. While Thor tosses the tumbler as if it would go right through Loki, assuming this is just another one of his holographic tricks, deep down I think he knew Loki was truly there — this time for good. Later, we see Loki standing supportively beside his brother on the throne, proving he had finally given up his quest to overthrow him. We see the duo again in the end credits, where Thor is reassuring Loki he’d ensure he was welcomed back on Earth a redeemed man, which made what happened (canonically) moments later even harder to accept.

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Avengers: Infinity War

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The moment our hearts collectively broke for the first time in Avengers: Infinity War. It still hurts. Thor, huddled over the body of his (safe to assume for real this time) dead brother. Loki tried his best to outwit and outmatch Thanos in an attempt to get himself and Thor to safety, but he failed. This was brutal, especially after the events of Thor: Ragnarok, with Loki finally deciding to redeem himself and fight alongside his brother. But at least Thor sort of got his revenge…yet he didn’t get his brother back though. And for that we will always mourn. Loki — burdened with glorious purpose, we hope you’ve found peace resting in the halls of Valhalla.

Well, now that we’ve rehashed all sorts of sad brother feelings, we do have some good news. While Loki may be dead in current time MCU, Marvel knows what the people want. Loki is getting his own TV series, but it won’t be the redeemed Loki we lost. Loki will follow the 2012 Loki from the time heist mistake in Avengers: Endgame, but hey, at least we still get Tom Hiddleston, right? It’s set to release in spring of 2021.

Thor will also be making another appearance in the fourth installment of the Thor series, Thor: Love and Thunder, where we’ll see Jane Foster take up the mantle as the Mighty Thor! Thor: Love and Thunder has a release date scheduled for November, 5 2021, and Thor: Ragnarok‘s Taika Waititi will be back to direct and write!

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