Monday, September 20, 2021

Nick Jonas Announces Hand-Crafted Tequila Brand

Image courtesy of Villa One

As if superstar Nick Jonas, youngest of the Jonas Brothers, isn’t talented or busy enough as a singer, husband, and actor, today he announced that he’ll be releasing his very own brand of tequila alongside John Varvatos called Villa One.

Villa One™ is an ultra-premium, hand-crafted tequila founded by Nick Jonas and John Varvatos. These creatives from the worlds of music and fashion, respectively, came together over a love for tequila and for experiencing “life as it should be,” with friends old and new, one glass at a time.

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There’s no specific set date as of right now, more news will follow once it’s been released. What we do know is that there will be multiple bottles, each being 80 proof with 40% alcohol by volume.

Silver, the only clear, has a continuous scent of dried fruit and toasted nuts and has a smooth, lightly oily finish. The second, Reposado, has a scent of vanilla and caramel and a flavor of butterscotch and oak with some coffee and spice. Lastly, Añejo Villa One is aged for 18 months in America oak barrels, resulting in a darker color because of the Oak barrels its aged in. This is more of a sweeter tequila with its hint of caramel, banana and vanilla wafer with a finish of honey and dark chocolate.

Stay tuned for more info about a release date and where to buy as they’re announced!

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