‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Premiere Title Revealed


As we prepare to get into the fifth and final season of Lucifer, Lucifer Writers Room announced on Twitter that the season 5 premiere, Really Sad Devil Guy“, is written by none other than Jason Ning!

Ning has been a writer for the television show Lucifer since its first season, with episodes in seasons 1-3. He’s written the likes of “The Would-be Prince of Darkness”, “What would Lucifer Do?”, and “My Brother’s Keeper”, among quite a few others.

There is no set release date for the fifth and final season, but from previous seasons it will most likely be early 2020. Stay tuned here for all the Lucifer details as they emerge!

Adrienne is a Certified Medical Assistant, as well as a new writer that joined the team in 2019. She is a lover of all things true crime, Supernatural, Sherlock, spoken word poetry, among others. You can find her on all her social media platforms under adri_lynn.

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