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What do you get when you cross three hilarious comedians, self-help books, special guests appearances, and a few microphones? Podcast gold, that’s what.

Self-Helpless is hosted by LA-based Taylor Tomlinson, Delanie Fischer, and Kelsey Cook. In each episode, these type-A comedians delve into the wide array of self-help topics.

Brought to us by the All Things Comedy network, each episode keeps self-help fresh and intriguing while still being educational and beneficial. The podcast has featured comedian Brian Regan, Dr. Anish Sheth, nutritionist Alexandra Catalano, self-help author Greg Behrendt, and the list goes on!

Each episode has a main topic to start. Sometimes, episodes are about books they have all read or a specific medical condition. Sometimes, they are about a documentary, or they bring in a special guest to discuss a topic with them. In each of the episodes, these women discuss their own experiences, their loved ones’ experiences, their opinions, if they like/agree with a topic, etc.

I am quite cynical about self-help, but so are Taylor, Delanie, and Kelsey, which makes everything much more refreshing and relatable.

Self-Helpless holds a very special place in this writer’s heart. I started listening out of a kind of desperation to try and better myself and get through the winter blues and the rut I felt I was in. This podcast definitely did the trick, or at least, helped arm me with helpful tools to achieve it. I have always been a cynic about self-help and didn’t think I’d like it. But I was so wrong! The ladies are cynical in their own ways, and they are honest, real, and raw.

Taylor, Delanie, and Kelsey bring comedy and understanding to a topic that doesn’t often see those things. Their fresh and realistic spin on the world of self-help really makes it easier to align myself with. Each host brings her own unique personal view to each topic/book/guest, which makes every discussion easier to comprehend and more motivating. If they can do it, I can do it too!

Things on the podcast that have positively changed my life:

  • DeCluttering: I got rid of over half my wardrobe that I never wear, look at, or even think about. I have so much more space!
  • Journaling: I started journaling every day or so about what I am feeling that day to help identify pattterns and triggers. It’s been beneficial to track my moods and what events might be contributing to them.
  • Feng Shui: I started reading a little bit on it after the podcast episode on it and began doing it around my home. Y’all, don’t knock it until you try it. I put a jade plant in my prosperity corner at work and got a raise a month later. I’m not saying it works for sure, but I’m not taking chances now!
  • Organic Products: I have become much more aware of what the products I use are made of. I started using organic and natural skin and hair care products and got rid of most of my “fancier” products that are compiled of nothing but synthetic chemicals.
  • Love Languages: I know what you’re thinking. How hokey, right? But hear me out. I took the quiz to figure out my love language, and I asked my partner to do the same. Sometimes two people don’t give or receive affection in the same way which can cause misunderstandings. My partner and I talked about our results and why we prefer what we prefer and are now better in tune with how we value certain things and have since begun expressing gratitude, appreciation, affection, etc., in ways that are beneficial to both of us.

These are just the highlights off the top of my head. Not only are the hosts hilarious and very human, they are refreshingly honest about the topics and their struggles and experiences.

Through the past 101 episodes, I have bonded with Taylor, Delanie, and Kelsey. Hearing peers (I use that term loosely) talk about things they have struggled with, things I have struggled with, or listening to them educate me on something I’d never read or researched has been monumentally helpful in my life overall.

These ladies want to spread the word, educate people, and help. I want to do the same!

Check out their website, listen to them on iTunes and Spotify, and become a Helpster with me!


Erica is known by many of her friends as ‘DepecheMess’ and she is a lover of all things horror. When she isn’t trying to solve the JonBenet Ramsey case she can be found at a horror con, burlesque show, or a local indie wrestling event. She is new to N&B and can’t wait to fangirl with other likeminded people. Find her on Twitter/Insta @ericatrash Photo: Art Box Creations Inc.

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