What ‘The Wayward Podcast’ Means to Us

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The Wayward Podcast — a hilarious, refreshingly honest, and extremely thoughtful weekly podcast hosted by two incredibly badass women, Briana Buckmaster and Kim Rhodes. The first episode of The Wayward Podcast aired on October 29, 2018, and since then they have released almost 40 episodes to share with (and truly enrich) the world.

Kim and Briana have always been an unstoppable duo — be it those rare times when we had a chance to see both of them on-screen together on Supernatural, or every time they step on stage together for another wonderful panel at a Supernatural convention. It was only natural for them to continue working together in yet another capacity. They’ve shown us that the Wayward movement lives on within each and every one of us, and nobody can put that fire out.

Each episode of The Wayward Podcast has a central theme that they discuss from the depths of Kim’s closet (it’s all about the acoustics!), such as beauty, health, sex talk, sleep, quitting, cussing, taboos, and the list goes on… Kim and Briana have even turned to social media for input on future discussion topics on occasion, which is a great way to connect with fans. The podcast has also had some pretty special guests, like Rachel Miner and Charlie Capen.

In celebration of the success of this podcasting venture, members of the Nerds and Beyond team have decided to share what exactly The Wayward Podcast means to them. Kim and Briana, we know you’re both busy women out there killing it on a daily basis, so thank you for taking the time to give us all the gift of this podcast every week.

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I was hooked right from the intro of the very first episode, as Kim’s words struck a deep emotional chord within me. “Sometimes you think people need to hear you, and they don’t. And sometimes, when that happens, you realize there are other people that are still listening. So you don’t need to stop making noise.”

I cannot begin to find the right words of gratitude for Kim and Briana for the gift that they’ve given all of us with The Wayward Podcast. Their duo panels are already one of my favorite things about Supernatural conventions, so listening to their latest weekly discussions on my drive to work is an absolute dream. And sometimes, I purposely don’t listen to new episodes right away, because I like to save them for bad days when I really need the pick-me-up.

One of my favorite things about Kim and Briana’s dynamic on this podcast is that they’re not afraid to have varying opinions on a topic, and they address those differences in such an inspiring way. Rather than glossing over the discussion and agreeing for the sake of neutrality, they’re both very open about when they may have distinct experiences with whatever they’re discussing. For listeners, this is such a beautiful example of a very healthy friendship. Also, it normalizes the idea that everyone has unique life experiences that affect the way that they view and perceive things, and that’s totally okay.

The most important thing that The Wayward Podcast has done for me is make me realize that…I am good enough. Kim and Briana are such beautiful role models in the art of loving yourself, and I can’t thank them enough for sharing a bit of their wonderfully wayward selves with all of us on a weekly basis.


Like Lindsey, I was on board right away. Kim and Briana’s unfiltered conversations with each other struck a deep and immediate chord with me, and I deeply admire the honesty they speak with. The various topics they discuss and how the two discuss them opened my eyes to a lot of ideas I never really thought about myself. I started thinking a little more consciously about everything they bring up in the podcast. I also love the way they open up multiple conversations in each episode, especially if they have differing viewpoints on a topic.  They take the time to talk through their opinions with each other respectfully and with open minds, and it’s something everyone could use a little more of.

The Wayward Podcast is truly a gift. Whenever I struggle, I remember Kim and Briana’s words that remind me I’m not as alone as I may think. Their candidness makes me feel as though they are including me rather than simply talking at me. With every episode, I’m reminded why I cherish and admire them. The podcast has helped me find more inner peace and reminds me that it’s okay to not be okay and step back and take a breath (or a few.) Kim and Briana are incredible role models. They make me feel loved and important with their podcast, and I am eternally grateful for the gift they have shared.

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Nicole M

Words cannot properly express how much I love The Wayward Podcast and what is means to me! Listening to it every week feels like I’m right there with them in Kim’s closet having a conversation. It makes me feel like I’m not alone, it lifts me up, and inspires me. Everything they talk about speaks to me so much and even opens my mind to other ideas I never considered before. I feel like I’m in one of my favorite college philosophy classes where I just want to take some notes but then I realize that literally everything they say is amazing and important and so I just sit there in awe because of it! I just need all of Kim and Briana’s words inscribed on my mind, heart, and soul forever!! <3 <3 <3

Michelle M

After being a fan of Kim and Briana’s convention panels for years, when they announced they were starting a podcast, I was thrilled! Their friendship is something that isn’t seen often enough between women. I love how they support each other and lift each other up, instead of being overly critical of each other or catty. Their openness and honesty with each other is refreshing and proves that female friendships are vital.

I look forward to listening to the podcast every week.  I have learned so much about Kim and Briana, but I have learned even more about myself. As I have grown older, I have become more self-aware, and there are so many things these ladies discuss that hit home for me. I have learned that being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness, and being strong is synonymous with being brave. Thank you Kim and Briana! You are loved!!!

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The Wayward Podcast has become an integral part of my Monday self-care regime. I take time each day to meditate and then either read or listen to a podcast. Kim and Briana have become part of that. The topics they talk about each week are ones that a lot of us are either thinking, wondering, or have conversations about as well. It is relatable and real talk. After listening to these two kind humans, you feel so empowered and energized like you could take on anything.

Podcasting is a lot of work in itself, and these ladies take time from their busy schedules and family time to record these weekly episodes. I admire your hard work, dedication, and honesty.

Thank you so much; you are appreciated and loved. As always, keep being Wayward AF.

Amanda B.

I was so disappointed when Wayward Sisters didn’t get picked up. Like a lot of women, I was hungry for a show like that and wanted to see myself represented on television. I think that’s why fans feel so connected to Kim and Briana at Supernatural conventions. We see ourselves in them and I feel like they understand that. So, while we didn’t get our spin-off show, we did get Kim and Briana helping us channel our disappointment into something meaningful through The Wayward Podcast.

My favorite thing about the podcast is that Kim and Briana, whether they realize it or not, are doing a mental health show of sorts. I’m a therapist and a lot of what Kim and Briana talk about are the same things my clients are coming to me for help with. The mental health field is about mental and emotional well-being and how it’s shaped by relationships, sex, family, work, and society. Those are all things Kim and Briana touch on, but it’s wrapped in humor, honesty, a few tears, and usually lots of cussing.

A question I get from clients a lot lately is if what they are thinking or feeling is “normal”. The things they are asking about are not particularly outlandish, they’re just things that are a normal part of the human experience. They might as well be asking me if it’s normal to be a human being with thoughts and feelings. No wonder we all feel like a bunch of freaks, nobody is talking about what’s going on in their heads or their hearts. Kim and Briana are talking about those things, though, and by doing so they normalize and validate what many of us are also thinking and feeling. The Wayward Podcast is a place for those of us that are deep thinkers and feelers to not feel like such weirdos.

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It’s no secret than Kim and Briana are two of my favorite people. Seeing them together at a panel is one of the things I love at conventions. The first time I heard them talk together in person changed me and helped me become the person I am today. I was so thrilled when they announced The Wayward Podcast because I was looking forward to hearing them talk about various topics. It didn’t disappoint. Listening to this podcast made me think about things that didn’t cross my mind before. I am so glad they take time each week in their lives to record this podcast. Thank you Kim and Bri, for creating The Wayward Podcast and constantly giving me new perspectives on these subjects.


So… I’m going to start this by saying that I don’t listen to podcasts (except for Inside of You, and that is another article.) I don’t like audio books or talk radio either. I know, I’m a throwback; I need music to use as an escape most days, and I talk to a LOT of people on the daily. So that’s the background.

I tuned into the first Wayward podcast because I adore Kim & Briana as people, and I fought for Wayward as both the show and the movement, so I wanted to see where they were going to go with it. I expected to turn it off, TBH, for all the previously mentioned issues. However, I was hooked. It was something that I never knew I always needed. Maybe it was because it was them, more likely because it resonated with something I didn’t know I was missing.

I needed women talking about this life shit. I needed strong women saying that they were fragile sometimes. I needed that validation that the BS I tell myself is the same thing that we ALL tell ourselves. They talk about things that no one talks about, or at least in ways most people don’t talk about. They are real. And I appreciate the hell out of them for it.

I’ve been in a couple of settings with Kim and Bri where they start asking for possible future topics for discussion inside Kim’s closet. The subjects range from beauty tips to listeners coming out to their families. I mean, damn. But these women, and their guests, are cognizant of the influence they wield, but are also very open about the things they are still learning about. This is an educational experience for all involved, and they have invited us on their journey of self-discovery.

I need their bravery; it fuels my own. It can get deep, it is often funny; it can get messy, it is usually cathartic. It is always Wayward.

Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Nancy.


Like many in the fandom, I was extremely sad when we did not get a Wayward spin-off (though we got one brilliant pilot that I love deeply), but the news that Kim and Briana were going to bring us something else definitely helped. What I wasn’t expecting was an amazing podcast where we get to hear from these two amazing, inspirational women every week. I absolutely adore The Wayward Podcast. Kim and Briana never back down from difficult topics and their willingness to share their personal experiences make this a unique and special listen every single week.

I feel inspired and empowered and a little bit wiser after my Monday listen, which I think of as “podcast therapy”. Before this podcast, I struggled privately with many of the things Kim and Briana talk about like negative self talk, fear of failure, people pleasing, and anxiety. After this podcast, I feel more empowered and ready to face those day to day struggles. “Confidently failing” is one of my favorite takeaways so far (though I have a whole list of quotes in my phone’s notes section), and I repeat it to myself daily. On rough days I can almost always pinpoint what is bothering me, listen to an episode that addresses that topic, and feel instantly better.

I especially love when they have differing opinions or experiences with a topic. Their ability to discuss each side has more than once opened my eyes to a new way of viewing some element of my own life. Their weekly talks never fail to hit home with me in some way and I incorporate those weekly lessons into my life. Their confidence is teaching me to regain my own, to embrace my uniqueness and to love my wayward self.


The Wayward Podcast has become one of the very few podcasts that I actually listen to. It’s not easy for me to sit down and listen to people talking, but there’s just something about Kim and Briana that makes it easy for me to get immersed in their podcast. Whether they’re discussing adulting, money, family, health, travel, or whatever else they come up with, it’s always a topic that I can personally relate to and I think that’s what makes it so enjoyable. It’s like hanging out with friends and just having an open conversation about real life topics.

All too often, I find myself proclaiming out loud, “Girl, same!” or, “If that ain’t the truth,” as I’m listening. I think that’s what we need as women in the world at this point in time… just other women that we can relate to and even disagree with sometimes, discussions that empower us, and a podcast like this to remind us that we are most certainly not alone in much of what we experience.

Courtesy of Staff Editor/Photographer, Lindsey.

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