Universal Studios’ “Halloween Horror Nights” Adds ‘Creepshow’

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Image courtesy of "Halloween Horror Nights" at Universal Studios Holloywood.
Image courtesy of “Halloween Horror Nights” at Universal Studios Holloywood.

Inspired by the 1982 cult classic film and Shudder’s original 2019 anthology series, Creepshow comes to life at Universal Studios Hollywood as an all-new terrifying “Halloween Horror Nights” maze beginning Friday September 13!

Guests will be invited to step into the anthology’s comic book pages to experience five terrible tales of terror guided by The Creep, the skeletal namesake of the comic book.

Acclaimed director and executive producer Greg Nicotero shared his excitement about this addition to “Halloween Horror Nights” in a press release:

I’ve partnered with Universal Studios Hollywood and “Halloween Horror Nights” for years and it’s a thrill to bring ‘Creepshow’ to life for the fans as part of this year’s iconic event. I consider myself honored to have had the opportunity to work alongside George Romero and many other groundbreaking filmmakers who have inspired me. So to be able to create a television show based on the ‘Creepshow’ movie, and then see it come to life as a “Halloween Horror Nights” maze is a great way to pay tribute to this legendary filmmaker and introduce this incredible anthology series to fans old and new.

The five fables featured in the maze will include the following:

  • “Father’s Day” – Years ago Nathan Grantham, the cruel patriarch of the wealthy Grantham family, was murdered by his long-suffering daughter on Father’s Day. Now Nathan’s maggot-infested corpse has risen from the grave to take revenge on his inheritors…and finally claim his Father’s Day cake.
  • “The Crate” – An unlucky janitor finds a long-forgotten shipping crate under the stairs of a science hall in a small east coast college. Little does he know, the crate contains a ravenous beast that’s been hibernating for over a hundred years…and its just woken up.
  • “They’re Creeping Up On You” – Eccentric billionaire Upson Pratt lives in a hermetically sealed “germ proof” penthouse apartment in Manhattan but he still has a bug problem. When a citywide blackout cuts his power, Mr. Pratt’s pest problem is about to get a whole lot worse.
  • “Gray Matter” – Ritchie Grenadine, an alcoholic former factory worker, unknowingly ingests a strange mutagen after guzzling a can of cheap beer. Now an alien fungus has taken over his rundown apartment and his body…creating in him an insatiable hunger that can’t be quenched by his favorite ale.
  • “Bad Wolf Down” – The surviving members of a decimated American army platoon in the North of France during World War II are holed up in a small village jail awaiting the German army to overwhelm them. The clever lot, however, have an ace up their sleeve that the German’s won’t expect; the men are all werewolves and tonight is a full moon.

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Check out the frightening announcement of the Creepshow maze below, and purchase your tickets here!

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