Sedona Releases EP ‘Middle Of The Night’


Image courtesy of Sedona.

Sedona released her new EP Middle Of The Night on August 1st.

The tracklist begins with her two previous singles, “Let You Go” and “Bottom of Your Bottle.” “Hold Me” is the next song, followed by “Everything’s Not Alright” and “Time We Don’t Have.” These five songs seem to be based on personal experience and are relatable while also being catchy.

I enjoy all of the songs. My personal favorite probably would be “Time We Don’t Have.” Sedona’s lyrics suggests that it is important for us to focus on what is happening in the moment, not necessarily what may or may not happen in the future. I also still really love “Bottom of Your Bottle.” It is a favorite of mine to sing loudly while in the car.

Nerds and Beyond got the opportunity to interview Sedona earlier this year. Check out what she told us about her songwriting process, what it was like singing with Train on stage, and more here.

You can listen to Middle Of The Night on Spotify, Amazon, or iTunes.

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