Friday, March 24, 2023

SDCC Interview: Ruth Connell & Alaina Huffman Discuss Women in Horror [EXCLUSIVE]

CONVENTIONSSDCC Interview: Ruth Connell & Alaina Huffman Discuss Women in Horror

Ruth Connell and Alaina Huffman are no strangers to the horror genre. We caught up with them before their “Women in Horror” panel at San Diego Comic-Con to have a quick chat about their experiences working in this part of the industry.

The horror genre is often criticized for its blatant misogyny, where graphic violence towards women from the hands of men has been the norm for generations. Ruthie and Alaina are women who are ushering in a new type of horror genre, one that is actually empowering women.

Alaina recently starred in The Perfection, a chilling film about two women cellists. While we don’t want to spoil the plot, we will say that the movie has a powerful message about women who are victims of sexual abuse, and how they might turn the tables on their abuser. Ruth stars in Supernatural, where her character Rowena MacLeod isn’t seen as a victim. Rather, she’s a powerful foe-turned-ally for the Winchester brothers. Her femininity is often shown as her strength, her quick wit and resourcefulness her weapons.

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Check out the video below where we discuss horror movies, and what could possibly be next for Rowena on the upcoming season of Supernatural!

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