New ‘The Boys’ Promo Video, SDCC Premiere Screening and Party

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With just a little over a month until the July 26 premiere of the new Amazon Prime series The Boys, fans got another trailer to hold them over and add to their anticipation.

The series, created by Supernatural‘s Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen (Pineapple Express), and Evan Goldberg (Preacher), is based on the comic series with the same name written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kripke said about the show:

If you just want to watch a shocking superheroes-behaving-badly show, you can. If you want to get connected to the characters, you can. And then there’s also a lot of satire and commentary on the world we’re living in, on celebrity culture, on corporate culture, on where celebrity intersects with power and politics to the disadvantage of the general public. The superhero metaphor turned out to be endlessly durable the more we explored it.

The first season will be eight episodes long and will follow a group of vigilantes called The Boys as they fight against a group of superheroes that are not precisely heroes anymore, called “The Seven.”

The Boys consist of leader Karl Urban (Billy Bate), Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk), Elisabeth Shue (Madelyn Stillwell), Jack Quaid (‘Wee’ Hughie Campbell), Karen Fukuhara (Female), and Tomer Kapon (Frenchie). And The Seven anti-heroes are comprised of Chace Crawford (The Deep), Erin Moriarty (Annie January), Antony Starr (The Homelander), Jessie Usher (A-Train), Nathan Mitchell (Black Noir), and Dominique McElligott (Queen Maeve).

The trailer starts by introducing The Seven as the most exceptional superhero team… who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it, including the killing of innocent bystanders as collateral damage in the fight of evil. So, Butcher (Urban) gets a group of criminals and misfits together to fight back — but is that his only intention? Aside from the violence and a baby doll that shoots lasers from its eyes, you cannot forget the perfect usage of the Spice Girls in motivational speeches and fight sequences.

You can watch The Boys starting July 26 on Amazon Prime. But if you want an opportunity to see it before that, there will be a The Boys premiere party and screening, on Friday July 19 at San Diego Comic Convention! You can get tickets for the event here beginning Monday, June 24.

Watch the trailer below! (Warning: the promo video contains violence and foul language.)

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