‘Toy Story 4’ Movie Trivia Game Available Now!


Are you excited about Toy Story 4 hitting theaters this weekend? Then you will love this new Pixar / Toy Story 4 trivia game that will be playing at the theaters before the movie starts!

Shuffle is Noovie’s new movie trivia mobile game from National CineMedia, creators of the Noovie pre-show seen in movie theaters nationwide. Available here without any signup necessary, the National CineMedia game features movie trivia based across the entire Pixar feature film universe.

Shuffle is a whirlwind collection of card-based movie-trivia mini-games where players must answer questions as quickly as possible to earn points before time runs out. Questions will come fast and furious, and players will be sorting, flinging, and swiping cards at a breakneck pace to accumulate points and earn the best score. Movie fans can test their Hollywood IQ anytime, anywhere, with a fun mix of challenging new Shuffle trivia games based on their favorite Pixar films, including:

  • Flicks – As new movie cards come up in the deck, quickly swipe the card left or right to answer a yes/no question about the Pixar universe.
  • Star Chains – Find the connection between Pixar movies and actors to create a chain of correct answers. The longer the chain, the higher the points.
  • Match Up – Correctly match 3 pairs of Pixar movie-related cards. The faster you are, the more sets you get to match and win.
  • Timeline – Which came first? Decide if an event happened before or after another event, such as the year a Pixar movie was released or the plot sequence of a story.
  • Bonus Round – Click on as many cards as you can that fit a given Pixar movie topic or category before they disappear.

Vice President of Cinema Partnerships at The Walt Disney Studios David Sieden said in a press release: “Fans have been looking forward to Toy Story 4 for a long time, and this first-ever collaboration with Shuffle lets them gear up for Woody and the gang’s latest adventure in a unique and engaging way. Movie trivia has always been an audience favorite, and Shuffle’s new mobile games are an entertaining way for people to connect with the Pixar characters and films that they love, both in the theater and beyond.”

Catch Toy Story 4 in theaters nationwide tomorrow, June 21.

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