The Return of the ‘Louden Swain’ Series: Favorite Song from ‘Splitting the Seams’


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We’re baaaaaack! Welcome to the first part in our second Louden Swain series! We’ll be posting a series of articles celebrating the band, and a sequel to our sucessful Swain Series a year ago.

We asked for input from fans of the band and had them answer questions, some of them the same (it’s been a year, and with the new album coming out, fans’ answers changed!) We once again had a huge turnout, with many fans wanting to share their favorites and their stories. First up, the last time we did the Swain Series it was to celebrate the band’s new acoustic album, Splitting the Seams. So, what better way to kick off part two than having fans share their favorite song off of the new album? Some fans just couldn’t decide between one song, so you might see multiple answers.

Let’s go!

Too Far Away

Jillian (@Jills271): “My favorite song is ‘Too Far Away’ its a sad song but like all of their music it’s so relatable to me. Robs voice in this song is beautiful, it makes me tear up whenever I hear it.”

Amy (@SPN_GURL22): “‘Too Far Away’ is my favorite.”

Tiffany (@tiffiswayward): “My favorite is ‘Too Far Away’.”

Finn (@finndolin_xo): “‘Too Far Away’. I was at the concert where they played it live for the first time and it immediately hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s beautiful and wonderful and powerful.”

Another Fool

Emma (@simplyreflected): “I have two favorites, ‘Another Fool’ and ‘Rock Song’.

Scout (@scoutstiel): “‘Another Fool’ resonates with me big time. There’s kind of this feeling of longing in it that isn’t particularly sad, or happy, but kind of hopeful. It chills me out a lot.

Veronica (@veronica_bum): “This is like asking to choose a favorite child. Such a hard decision, I love all the songs off the album. If I had to choose, I’d have to go with ‘Another Fool’. I fell in love with that song on ‘The Sidekick’ and was so happy they put the full version on the album.”

Anje (@rathofkain): “‘Another Fool’ is my favorite.”

Courtesy of Staff Editor, Lindsey DeLuca.

Rock Song

Michelle (@EmCeeCollins): “With zero hesitation, ‘Rock Song’. Rob’s voice on this version gives me chills. CHILLS, I say!”

Emma (@simplyreflected): “I have two favorites, ‘Another Fool’ and ‘Rock Song’.

Muriel (@housecatsswain): “‘Rock Song’. I am relatively new to the Swain fandom since I started to listen to them in 2017. I didn’t know the older songs all that well. I liked ‘Rock Song’ but never got it to hear it live. When Splitting the Seams was released last October, I immediately fell in love with it. I had the chance to hear it live a few times now and I can’t listen to it without tearing up.”

Natasha (@NatashaCole): “Acoustic ‘Rock Song’ gets me every time.”

Angie (@Angie_Voyage): “It’s a tie between ‘All I Need’ because it’s my favorite song and i love the violins on this version, and ‘Rock Song’. It’s completely different from the original and I love it, it feels more mature.”

Laurie (@LaurieP_C): “Definitely ‘Rock Song’. Actually, both the original and the acoustic version are two of my absolute favorites. From the first time I listened to Splitting the Seams, I fell in love with the song’s soft tunes. I love the piano and the violins that we so rarely hear in Louden Swain’s music and yet fits the song so well. I think it’s incredible how they completely changed the sound of the original version but at the same time managed to create something just as good.”

Jess (@JessHawden): “My favourite song is ‘Rock Song’.”

Cindy (@coloradogal12): “‘Rock Song’ is my favorite. I think all of us Swainers would probably say the same. It’s heart-ripping with emotion. And Rob just slays us with his intensity.”

Nicole (@nicmanz15): “It’s so hard to choose, but my favorite song off ‘Splitting the Seams’ is ‘Rock Song’.

Katharina (@kathiii_music99): “Probably ‘Rock Song’. I like the original version but the acoustic version just tugs at my heart strings in all the right ways and it always makes me want to cry while wanting to scream the lyrics at the top my lungs at the same time.”

Delise (@delisepeebles): “‘Rock Song’ is my favorite.”

Jennifer (@macd1982): “I love the entire album, but if I had to pick just one song as my fave, it would definitely be ‘Rock Song’. The way that they completely transformed that song from its original version is astounding and I love everything about it.”

Courtesy of Staff Editor, Lindsey DeLuca.

Mrs. Vance

Kaity (@kaity_bee_): “I’m going to surprise everyone here by saying ‘Mrs. Vance’ but ‘Trigger Finger’ is a very close second.”

All I Need

Emelie (@killingnormalcy): “‘All I Need’. I just love the addition of the string section, it brings out so many nuances of the song that is easy to miss in the original.”

Angie (@Angie_Voyage): “It’s a tie between ‘All I Need’ because it’s my favorite song and i love the violins on this version, and ‘Rock Song’. It’s completely different from the original and I love it, it feels more mature.”

Paige (@CanvasAndClay): “‘All I Need’. It is absolutely beautiful and if I were to ever get married, I could hear this being played at my wedding.”

CA Nation

Shannon (@reelnerdy): “‘CA Nation’, because we’re a bunch of freaks.”

Courtesy of Staff Editor, Lindsey DeLuca.


Sam (@honeybeemish): “‘Overachiever’. It’s always been one of my favorite songs. I enjoy the acoustic spin on it.”

Emily (@fiveafterseven): “‘Rock Song’ is the obvious answer but I really dig what they did with ‘Overachiever’. It’s somehow even more fun to sing now.”

Real Life

Judy (@LAgirlHD): “‘Real Life’ is my favorite.”

Amanda (@bandagedletdown): “‘This one is very close but I have to go with ‘Real Life.’ I love the original and I love that they kept the simplicity of the original song, but hearing it as an acoustic rather than plugged in really adds something amazing to the sound. I also really love how much Rob’s voice has changed since the original recording.”

The Big One

Mary (@pare6386): “‘The Big One’. I love the melody, it gets stuck in my head all day. I also love the interpretations of ‘Amazing’ & ‘Rock Song’.”

Courtesy of Liz Larson, Staff Photographer

Ready Steady

Nat (@archiveRob): “‘Ready Steady’ is my favorite.”

Marissa (@missmarissalynn): “My favorite song off their acoustic album will have to be ‘Ready Steady’,+ because it is a beautiful slower melody from their other songs and hearing this song live was a lovely experience because the mood was brought down from the high-intensity rock songs.”


Christy (@trippingchristy): “Everyone loves ‘Rock Song’, and I absolutely do too, but my favorite is ‘Silverspoon’. The funky beat is so perfect. It’s my favorite song to sing along to at full volume in my car.”

Elise (@broadwaydeaky): “(Funky) ‘Silverspoon’ because of Borja’s low register D note at the end aka his one note solo.”

Briar, owner of N&B (@thebriarroseee): “‘Silverspoon’ is my absolute favorite. Anyone can tell you I love the original, and the acoustic version was a great new take on an already incredible song.”

Trigger Finger

Lindsey (@lindseyiam): “‘Trigger Finger’. It was a fantastic song originally, but the re-imagined version is just in a league of its own. And it’s funny, because I’m not a country music fan, but I’m quite literally in love with the country-feel of this song. The guys made it really fun and crafted such beautiful melodies with the added instruments.”

Kelli (@klairermusic1): “Don’t make me choose! Honestly, any of them that have added the strings in them are the ones I like the most. There is just something about adding a string section into an acoustic set that I love.”

Stay tuned for part 2!


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