Happy Birthday, Chris Evans!


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Even though we had to say goodbye to Captain America in Avengers: Endgame (no, we don’t want to talk about it), Chris Evans is making sure we’ll still remember him as one of these people who stand up against bullies, injustice and unfairness and who uses his voice and stance to fight for those who need it. Marvel’s casting director can definitely pat herself on the shoulder for her work, not just for this role. Chris Evans has been continuously working on his career after Marvel, working as a director and producer and starring in diverse projects that give him room to explore anything beyond being That Little Guy From Brooklyn.

Today, we would like to celebrate Chris Evans’ birthday by sharing our favorite things, memories and stories about him. From everyone here at Nerds & Beyond, we hope your day is filled with cake, cuddles from your dog and things that make you laugh so hard you will do the thing where you have to lean back in your chair.

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Here are our birthday wishes to Chris Evans!


Happy Birthday Chris Evans! You continue to be a role model and always display laughter and kindness to others. I’ve watched your career soar and it’s because of your hard work and talent that you have succeeded. Captain America has touched and connected with the Marvel Universe because of you. Thank you for all that you do Chris. Happy birthday to “America’s Ass.”


Where does Captain America end and Chris Evans begin? I’m not kidding. When Evans isn’t dazzling us on-screen with his portrayal of the First Avenger, he’s most likely off somewhere being a real life superhero of sorts. Thank you for sharing your talent and bestowing us with your kindness and humility, Chris. We all wholeheartedly look forward to seeing where else your career will take you, although we will truly miss you gracing our screens as Cap. Happy Birthday!

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Oh Captain, my Captain! Chris Evans is the modern superhero I’m not 100% sure we actually deserve. When things look bleak and everything feels like this truly is the darkest timeline, you can look to his interviews for both laughs and thoughtful moments, and his twitter timeline gives me hope that there are still genuinely good people out there in the world, trying to make everything better. He is warm and kind and just so good that his mere presence in the world makes a difference. Thank you for being you, Chris, and please keep fighting the good fight. I wish you the very best of birthdays!


Where do I start? You’re just one of a kind. We love you for many things, like standing up for what you believe in on-screen or in real life, the roles that you pour your heart into, and heading off to a Comic-Con to give people the opportunity to meet you (see you in two weeks!). You’re a hero in every facet but it’s the humbleness and grace in which you carry yourself that makes you stand out from an ever-growing crowd. Thank you for being unapologetically you, for sharing your talent, your seemingly endless heart, and somehow always being able to put a smile on many people’s faces, even if you don’t know it. Happy Birthday, Chris! I can’t wait to see what this next year brings.

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Chris Evans is one of the most genuine people that we have today. His acting is true to every character he plays, and the way he treats everyone, from his fans to his co-workers on set, is something that you don’t always see with actors. He may be mostly known for portraying Captain America, which he is great at, but my favorite performance of his is from the film Gifted. I would love to see him in more films like that one now that his days as Captain are over. Thank you, Chris Evans, for everything you’ve done. Happy Birthday.


Chris Evans is truly one of my OG favorites. I fell in love with the Captain America franchise almost ten years ago, and loved Fantastic Four before that (yes, I know it was goofy). Chris is one of the good ones and I really don’t know how to express that more elaborately. He is a genuine person who has a warmth and kindness to him that shows in his actions, the way he speaks, and the way he treats the people around him. He is willing to learn and listen when it comes to his own privilege, which he tends to use for good. While he gets praised for doing “the bare minimum” (like helping people with long dresses up stairs), he does a lot more than small gestures of kindness. He is a wonderful performer and actor who clearly loves his craft and is constantly working to do better and more. We couldn’t have asked for a better man to portray Cap, because he truly is what Steve Rogers is at his core: good. I love his sense of humor, I love his dog (maybe even a bit more than him), and I love how he can get excited and giggle like a kid with his friends. Meeting him has been one of my absolute highlights, and I’m still not over the kindness he showed me that day. Happy Birthday, Chris! Please give Dodger a kiss from me and hope there are no situations to “not wike” today and in the future. Can’t wait to see what you do next (but please post some dog pictures soon)!

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Chris Evans is a once in a lifetime type of guy. He is an amazing actor who doesn’t take his position for granted. On top of that, he is a phenomenal human that people just can’t help but love, myself included. There is something tangible about him that draws you in and keeps you a fan of him. While Chris Evans is no longer fighting bad guys on-screen, he is still using his voice and status off-screen to make this world a little brighter. So to the man who was so appropriately cast as Captain America, happy birthday!

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