‘Good Omens’ Episode Six Recap: “The Very Last Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives”


All the good things come to an end and it’s already time for the last recap of Good Omens.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The episode begins with Dagon, Hastur and Beelzebub walking in a corridor in Hell. They enter an interrogation room with a bathtub at its center. It’s time for Crowley’s trial. Crowley comes into the room and makes a joke about decorating the place with plants and a coffee table. Beelzebub informs him she is the judge, Hastur is the prosecutor, and Dagon is “just here in case there’s anything you’ve done that they forgot.” Beelzebub informs the demon of why he is there, and Crowley answers “What appears to be the problem?”

The scene changes back to Crowley’s arrival at the airbase with his Bentley on fire, blasting “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Aziraphale addresses him while in Madame Tracy’s body and tells him that the guard won’t let Shadwell and him enter the place. Crowley goes near the guard, but the door opens itself. Adam and his friends cycle past them.

The Bentley explodes, and Crowley is devastated. Aziraphale tries to rouse him to deal with the guard but ends up doing it himself. Crowley ends his moment: “Rest in peace. You were a good car”.

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Military cars are coming, and Crowley says he is going to deal with them. Next, we see Mister Young polishing his car when Tyler, the guy who directed everyone to the airbase, comes towards him. Tyler says that Adam and his friends are going to the airbase and the guards won’t tolerate Adam’s mischief. The children are now standing before a building. Anathema and Newton arrive too, but Anathema stops when she sees the Horsemen exiting it and going towards Adam and his friends.

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After that, Newt and Anathema are in the bunker with Newt wondering if the Horsemen are terrorists. People are yelling on the screens. Anathema says yes and that their auras are like black holes. Newt doesn’t understand, and she adds she doesn’t think they are humans. Anathema takes the remote control and puts the sound back on. Leaders are yelling in several languages about not being responsible for the attacks. Armaggedon is near.

Death tells Adam it’s time, but he doesn’t agree. Death responds that his “very existence demands the ending of the world.” Crowley, Shagwell, and Aziraphale arrive. Crowley shows Adam to Shagwell and directs the witchfinder to shoot him. Shagwell hesitates, and Aziraphale takes control of the gun, but Madame Tracy doesn’t let him shoot. Adam asks her why they are two people and separates them.

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Back at the bunker, Newt and Anathema try to find a solution but fail to. Anathema decides to ask Agnes and chooses a card. The prediction is “He is not what he says he is.” Anathema doesn’t understand, but Newt does. He confesses he is not a computer engineer and that machines break around him.

Meanwhile, War is showing off her skills with the flaming sword. Adam says to his friends that the Horsemen are not real but more like nightmares. War is talking and Pepper is opposing her vision of what war is. She tells Pepper to go back to her dolls, which pisses the girl off. She confronts War and puts the sword in her after saying they are Adam’s real friends and that she believes in peace. Brian affronts Pollution, saying he believes in a clean world. Wensleydale is up against Famine and says he believes in food and a healthy lunch. Crowley realizes it’s Aziraphale’s sword. Death is the only one standing. In Hell, legions of demons are waiting, and Dagon makes a speech to motivate the troups.

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Anathema realizes Newt needs to try to fix the computer and he breaks it. Adam tells Death it has to stop. Death replies, “It has stopped. But they will be back. We are never far away. I am creation’s shadow.” Death opens his wings and disappears.

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Crowley says it isn’t over because Hell and Heaven want the war. Anathema calls Crowley about her book, and he sends it to her. A slip of paper escapes, and Aziraphale catches it. It’s a prophecy saying “Choose your faces wisely.” Aziraphale tries to explain the situation to Anathema and Newt, but Crowley shushes him. Adam tells them they saved the world and Ana answers that her boyfriend did the tricky bit.

Suddenly, Gabriel and Beelzebub appear. They want to see Adam. Gabriel goes to talk to him and exorts him to resume Armaggedon, because the winner must be decided. Adam can’t believe they want to end the world just to see which side is best. Gabriel says, “It’s the Great Plan. It’s the entire reason for the creation of the Earth”. Beelzebub intervenes and asks Adams if he doesn’t want to rule the world. Adam answers it’s hard enough coming up with stories for his friend: “I’ve got all the world I want.” Gabriel can’t believe it. Aziraphale asks him if it’s the Ineffable Plan. Beelzebub explains the Plan and Aziraphale asks if the Great Plan and the Ineffable Plan are the same. Crowley realizes they don’t know, and he says they may be going against God’s wish. Gabriel says “God does not play games with the Universe,” which prompts Crowley to answer, “Where have you been?”.

Gabriel and Beelzebub are going back home. Beelzebub tells Adam his father will not be pleased. Earth is trembling — Satan knows and is coming. Crowley is saying his goodbyes to Aziraphale who doesn’t accept it and tells Crowley he will never speak to him again if he doesn’t come up with something. Crowley stops time and transports Adam and Aziraphale to a desert landscape. Crowley tries to get him to fight his father. Adam doesn’t think he can, and Aziraphale tells him he is neither bad nor good but just human, and that is a good thing. Crowley says that reality will bend to him. Crowley and Aziraphale will stand with him.

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Satan is there. Everyone is terrified. Satan calls to his son but Adam refuses to acknowledge him as his dad. (“You’re not my dad, you never were!”) Satan begins to dissolve, and Mister Young arrives in his car.

Crowley and Aziraphale are waiting for a bus, talking about the prophecy regarding the “faces” and wondering if Adam is human again. The delivery man arrives and takes back the sword, the crown, and the balance. Crowley wonders if God planned it that way. Crowley proposes to the angel to stay at his place. (“We are on our own side now.”) They embark on a bus to go home.

Adam rebooted reality and all is almost back to normal. The bookshop is back, dead people are alive, and Crowley gets his car back, but the child is punished. His mother permits him to go in the garden to play with Dog because she sees he is feeling bad. Anathema and Newt are in bed, and Newt explains the Dick Turpin joke to her. Dick Turpin was a highwayman. (“It’s called Dick Turpin because everywhere it is, it holds up traffic.”)

In Saint James Park, various spies discuss yesterday’s events. Crowley and Aziraphale get some ice cream and talk about what happened. They have no news from angels and demons. They admit not understanding what happened. Death appears, and Crowley recognizes it as a bad sign. He watches angels kidnapping Aziraphale, and he is captured too.

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Both are going to be tried. In Hell, Crowley is found guilty and asks about his punishment. (“An eternity in the deepest pit?”) The Archangel Michael appears with Holy Water and fills the bathtub with it. In Heaven, a fire pit is going to be Aziraphale’s punishment.

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Shadwell and Madame Tracy are back at the house. She invites Shadwell to eat in her flat. Newt opens the door, and it’s Giles Baddicombe coming to deliver a package to Newt and “Mrs Pulsifer.” Mister Baddicombe is very excited, because his firm had the package for 300 years. Flashback to Virtue Pulsifer giving it with a letter to Master Robey: “The letter contained his instructions, a gold coin, and five interesting facts about the next 10 years, which would ensure that he was able to pursue a very successful legal career.” He just had to take care of the box and ensures it was delivered that very day.

Back in the present, Anathema sees the box and says, looking angry, that it’s from Agnes. Ana gives permission to Baddicombe, who is quite excited about the box, to open it. Baddicombe finds a letter inside with a coin. He is quite afraid by the letter. He runs, and Newt picks up the letter. Agnes was extorting Baddicombe to run, “lest the world find out the truth about you and Mistress Spiddon of the council town planning department.”

Anathema reads the title of the book: Further Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, concerning the World That Is to Come. Ye saga Continues. Ana sighs.

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Back at Madame Tracy’s, they finished eating, and she tells Shagwell that she has money put away and would like to leave town. She tries to make him understand thatshe wants to share that life with him. He seems baffled and says, “I am the only Withfinder left.” Madame Tracy retorts, “And you found me. I’m not much of a witch but… I’ll have to do.” Shadwell wants to ask her a question and she is clearly expecting a proposal, but the witchfinder asks how many nipples she has. “Just the two.”

Back in Heaven, Aziraphale is still on trial. He tries to defend his treason as being for the greater good, but Gabriel is having none of it. (“The Greater Good was we were finally going to settle things with the opposition once and for all.”) Aziraphale tries to sway them by saying they are the good guys, but Gabriel retorts that, “Well, for Heaven’s sake, we are meant to make examples out of traitors.” Aziraphale goes into the flames.

In Hell, Crowley is in his underwear taking a bath of holy water without dissolving to the fear and atonishment of all the demons. Crowley is having a great time, even asking for a rubber duck.

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Next, we see Aziraphale in the flames but he doesn’t burn. Demons and angels don’t know how to react and wonder what Crowley and Aziraphale became. Beelzebub is afraid and makes the audience leave. Michael comes back and is so atonished that she complies when Crowley asks for one towel. Crowley suggests it would be better for everyone to leave Aziraphale and him alone.

Anathema and Newt are in a park. Newt asks if she is sure about her decision. She is and burns the new prophecies.

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Adam’s friends come to him in the garden, but he is still punished. They leave to see a circus. Dog is trying to leave, and Adam tells him to stop because he will have to chase him. The hedge opens showing that Adam still has powers. He chases after Dog.

Crowley and Aziraphale are sitting on a bench, wondering about what is going to happen. Crowley says angels and demons are going to pretend that nothing happened. Crowley asks if anyone is looking, and Aziraphale checks. They change appearences. They survived by switching places.

Aziraphale relates to his friend how he asked for a rubber duck and that he made Michael bring him a towel on command, and they start laughing. Crowley says, “Both sides are going use this as breathing space before the big one.” He thinks that “the really big one is all of us against all of them.” Aziraphale can’t believe it.

Crowley asks him to lunch. They are at a table at the Ritz. and Aziraphale concludes. “I like to think none of this would have worked out if you weren’t, at heart, just a little bit a good person.” To which Crowley adds, “And if you weren’t, deep down, just enough of a bastard to be worth knowing.”

They cheer “To the World.”

Did you enjoy Good Omens? Did the series do the book justice? Let us know your comments below!

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