Saturday, March 25, 2023

First Guests for ‘JIB11’ Announced

CONVENTIONSFirst Guests for 'JIB11' Announced
Courtesy of JUSINBELLO

We learned a few days ago next year’s dates for the annual Supernatural convention in Rome — JIBWEEK 2020 will take place May 13-17.

Today, the first guests for JIB11 have been announced: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, Jason Manns and Briana Buckmaster are all returning next year.

Here is JIB’s announcement on their website :

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10 YEARS! Can you believe we’ve been together for 10 years already?
To us it seems like we started just yesterday and at the same time we’ve been doing this forever and it is the most amazing sensation ever!

We are so very happy and proud to have reached this mark and it is THANKS TO YOU! Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, your friendship, they mean the world to us.

A special THANK YOU also goes to our friends who have been helping us since the beginning, with advice, ideas, their knowledge in different fields, their unfailing confidence in us, and even manual labor when needed. Thank you for making up the BEST STAFF anyone could dream of and for being the BEST FRIENDS WE COULD EVER HOPE TO HAVE. Without you JIB would have not been the same, without you there would never have been 10 years of conventions. You enable us to turn dreams into reality and we are so grateful we cannot say how much.
WE LOVE YOU! The final thank you goes to our AMAZING GUESTS that helped creating the JIB Family and who give to JIB this vibe and atmosphere. Thank you for taking a chance with us. Thank you for trusting us and letting us care for you. Thank you for having fun with us and sharing it despite the work.
We could not have dreamed of a better group of people to animate JIBWeek this year, so thank you and we hope to have all of you back with us next year!

Huge thank you to: JENSEN, JARED, MISHA, RICHARD, ROB, MATT, JASON and BRIANA for staying with us year after year and for coming back again for JIB11!”

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Information about the passes should be available shortly.

You can check our own Conny and Em’s recap of JIBland4 here!

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