Friday, June 25, 2021

Ed Sheeran Announces Collaboration EP ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’

Courtesy of teddysphotos’ Instagram.

With a guitar strapped across his shoulder and a magnetic voice unwaveringly moving a crowd of billions, Ed Sheeran is only warming up when it comes to iconic collaborations.  

Courtesy of teddysphotos’ Instagram.

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“I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber may be shuffling down the Billboard Charts as the British pop sensation announced through a social media post that his collaboration EP No.6 Collaborations Project will be released on July 12.

The EP will be a follow up of its previous installment, No.5 Collaborations Project. On Instagram, he noted, “Before I was signed in 2011, I made an EP called No.5 Collaborations Project. Since then, I’ve always wanted to do another, so I started No.6 on my laptop when I was on tour last year. I’m a huge fan of all the artists I’ve collaborated with and it’s been a lot of fun to make.”

Courtesy of teddysphotos’ Instagram.

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Taking some inspiration from his American #biffle and currently speculated duet partner, Taylor Swift, in the style of easter eggs Sheeran posted a tracklist with the artists’ names marked out in black.

Sheeran was kind enough to already announce one of the tracks: “Cross Me” featuring Chance the Rapper and PnB Rock is out now. Keep an eye out for additional information as we learn more!


Can you name any special guest artists? Leave your guesses in the comments below.


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