‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode Three Review: “The Children of Gabriel”

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Courtesy of CW
Courtesy of CW

Previously on The 100: Earth isn’t coming back; team scouts Planet Alpha; Where are all the people? For two days heaven is hell; Punch, punch, stab, stab, Murphy! Let’s go find ‘em; Happy children arrive; Are you here to take us home? Isn’t this your home? Clarke is confused.

Aren’t we all.

We open with Clarke showing a level head, telling our kru to put down their weapons. The parents are bringing up the rear and are rightfully startled by the presence of others in their village. But Clarke smooths it over with a, “We come in peace.” Yeah, that’s a direct quote. Nice to know that hundreds of years in the future a cheesy movie cliche line is still in use.  Anyway, Murphy starts seizing and I start praying for a fictional character to live.

I’m about to start offering sacrificial lambs to save Murphy when Russell Lightborn, new cast member and “hey it’s that guy” guy, JR Bourne, appears. You’ll recognize Bourne from Teen Wolf, Falling Water, guest stints on all the crime procedural, and one of my personal faves from the past, Martouf from Stargate, SG-1. I’m excited to see him until he declares Murphy “already dead.”

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Son of a…

But wait, Russell can save him!  He has a red snake that takes a bite out of Murphy. Seems this snake renders the toxins from the seaweed Murphy ingested, ineffective. (Not to point fingers, but that was your fault, Bellamy! At least you have the good sense to look guilty about it.) Russell backstories: airborne toxins had made Gabriel Lightborn believe he could walk on water, but this snake bit him and cured him from the crazy. You’ll remember Gabriel as Dad Lightborn who killed his family on the early days of Sanctum as seen last week. Anyway, Murphy takes a breath. So do I. And now that Murphy is okay, Russell has our kru locked up. How rude.

In captivity: Bellamy vocalizes his guilt about Murphy and states his displeasure at seeing Octavia. They have words and then Echo is all about ‘how do we fight our way of here?’ But Clarke shuts her down. She realizes they’ll need these people to help them survive. I’m enjoying seeing change in Clarke. She doesn’t like her “bringer of Death” title, so she’s embracing the “anything but death” attitude. It’s a good change, I think. And she’s changing just in time for her captors to bring them refreshments!

These captors are friendly, you know, for captives. One of the young women is straight up having eye-sex with Jordan. And it occurs to me, now, Jordan has never seen any people other than his parents (then our kru) for his entire life. I can’t wait to see how things play out with a girl.  Like, will Jordan have game or be awkward? He’s loving the hell out of the “Jo Juice” this girl brought him, however. Named so after Josephine Prime, Hallowed Be Her Name.

Well, that’s not creepy. Except it is.

Russell Lightborn, Seventh of his Line, Savior of Sanctum, Mother of Dragons (No wait, not that last one) comes in and all the people bow. Seems he’s descended from the “Primes,” the four families who colonized Sanctum, therefore royalty. His wife wants Clarke to bend the knee, but Clarke’s refusing. Russell, for his part, isn’t bothered by it because, hey, they don’t know the customs. What they also don’t know is that there are “worse things than sun-induced psychosis” out there, so our kru needs to get their ship to safety, pronto.  Meanwhile, Abby whispers to Clarke that Maddie’s on the ship. Clarke, who cannot whisper to save her life, reacts loudly to Maddie being awakened. Russell picks up on it and there’s a discussion about who is expendable and it ends with Bellamy saying that Clarke can speak for the group while he’s off getting the ship. Quick Raven, to the batmobile!

Back on the ship, Maddie’s trying to learn the “master the flame” in her, which is to say tap into the flame bearer Nightbloods from the past. Gaia tells her to resist visions of the “Dark Commander.” He has scars like lines on a map and he wants to tell her things. I mention this because I feel it will be important later. Over her shoulder, Diyoza laughs at them. There’s some words thrown, then they’re overtaken by some camouflaged people, so knives are thrown too.

In the settlement: Clarke and Bellamy share a lingering goodbye glance, then a dog shows up! Clarke’s never seen a dog before, I guess? With dog: Russell Lightborn, who has pretty blue eyes, which isn’t important to the scene, but I feel worth noting. Russell picks up that Clarke has never known peace and tells her she will like it here. Clarke gets excited that they’ll be allowed to stay, but Russell quickly tells her he hasn’t decided that just yet. I love how he’s already inside her head playing mind games. He’ll be a formidable foe in future, but there’s a dinner at the palace tonight, y’all.  Wonder if Clarke has anything to wear besides that black leather jacket.

Later: Jordan, of all people, is going stir crazy being locked up. Miller finds this amusing considering his lifetime on a spaceship. I’m with you, Miller. Guess what else? Murphy wakes up! Clarke assures him he’s okay, but he’s not sure. “I died, didn’t I?” he asks. He knows because he saw something, felt something and he’s pretty sure he’s going to Hell. Could this signal a spiritual turning point for Murphy? I mean, John Murphy: converted priest, does have a nice ring to it.

Fed up with the four walls (and possibly avoiding Clarke and Abby’s mother/daughter conversation about Maddie), Jordan goes upstairs to a balcony where he sees the girl from before doing some Tai Chi. She flirts with him for a bit then drops that tomorrow she will have her naming ceremony where she will become Priya the Seventh, hallowed be her name. Then, Clarke and some guy named Cassius arrive and flail. Jordan and Priya7 (HBHN) are out in public being seen together. Gasp! They can’t!! Cassius tells them to go back inside and fails to make sure that happens before he leaves. Jordan gives Clarke a subtle, “Don’t block me, Girl.” She picks it up and leaves Jordan and Priya7 (HBHN) alone. Jordan mentions how he was raised on stories about Clarke. Guess what? Priya7 (HBHN) loves stories. Jordan might actually have game.

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On the ship: Maddie and Gaia are paralyzed, but Diyoza’s faking it. She and Maddie blink out escape plans while their captor leader declares, “Children of Gabriel, gather around.” It’s almost Second moon, whatever that is. As they gather, the Children of Gabriel (CoG for short)  begin chanting, “Death to Primes!” Leave it up to The 100 writers to write in multiple groups of antagonists. It’s what they do. Anyway, Bellamy, Echo, Raven, and Octavia’s escorts from the village hear the chant and bail. Fear not, our kru is still going after the ship without them. Octavia perks up at the possibility of violence and death. Y’all she’s literally skipping toward it.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s having a stiff drink which isn’t Jo Juice. Jordan attempts playful banter with Priya7 (HBHN), but he sounds more scientific than flirty. Murphy declares Jordan owes it to his father to work on his game. But Priya7 (HBHN) is fine with his game as it is. Oh look, Clarke found one of Priya7’s (HBHN) dresses to wear to dinner.  

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Abby says she’s beautiful, then relays that Kane’s in cryo and he needs medicine from these people, also, all of their people need a place to stay, so yeah, knock him dead in your red dress, Clarke. The fate of our world depends on you. “Just be yourself,” she says.  (Another cliche line survives in the future.) But, seriously Abby? If they have a Mother’s Day on Sanctum, you probably won’t get a card.

Dinner: Russell has set out a spread. In spite of the massive amount of food and about twenty-four chairs, Clarke appears to be the only guest. The food’s good, but Russell’s wife is passive aggressive. No, make that just aggressive. Clarke pleads her case and admits their ancestors sucked because they destroyed Earth. Wifey drops “Wanheda” on her. Dammit, Jordan, didn’t you know Priya7 (HBHN) was getting intel? Poor naive Jordan. Now Clarke is on trial and must defend all the death-bringing she’s done. She refuses to apologize for saving her people. Russell just wants to protect his people too, yo. We get a moral from Russell’s past about a dog who’d bitten his face and allowed to live. Later, this dog killed his baby sister. In case you missed it, Clarke is the dog in this scenario. Russell isn’t going to let her violent disease harm his people! He’s sorry, but they have to go.

Later: Second Moon is happening. The CoG are gathering forces. Echo and Bellamy peer on from the trees, planning to attack when the one with the guns leaves. Octavia says ‘Screw it’ and goes after the guns. Of course, she does. Fighting ensues. Octavia is all murdery. Diyoza gets up to help, but even she is bothered by Octavia’s attack. Bellamy orders them in the air, but denies Octavia a boarding pass. “For your own good. And ours.” He leaves her behind, declaring, “My sister died a long time ago.”


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Priya7 (HBHN), looking gorgeous in a slinky dress, stands on the balcony in the moonlight, gazing upward. Cue: Jordan. “It’s beautiful,” he says, but he’s not talking about the moon, okay? Priya7 (HBHN) says things will change tomorrow, but now she’s “met a boy” who makes her wish she had more time. Jordan is moved….to her lips. Aw. Jordan’s first kiss. And second. And third…and, whoah, okay….about to be a  whole lot more. (What was that you were saying about Jordan’s game, Murphy?) Priya7 (HBHN) is totally fine with their first time being terrible. They have all night, after all, to work on it.  And just as her dress comes off, the CoG show up and put a tranq in her. Sadly, Jordan will not be losing his virginity tonight, guys.

Downstairs, Murphy has done bad things, but since Abby is sure there’s no Hell, he’s going to be fine. Doing bad things for good reasons is alright, it seems. Murphy ponders if saving his own ass is a worthy enough reason to be declared good. Yes! I say, it is, Murphy. He notes that Clarke has changed back into her “murder gear” as she appears and states her displeasure with loose-lips Jordan. Clarke goes to find Jordan and curse him out, but finds him out of it and Priya7 (HBHN) MIA.

Clarke frantically looks for her while the villagers revel in merriment. She zeroes in a bad guy, who discovers her black Nightblood.

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The COG guy gets away, but Priya7 (HBHN) is saved! Russell also clocks Clarke’s Nightblood. ‘Lookie,’ he says, ‘I have black blood too. Let’s be blood brothers.’  Or rather, you’re royal too. He definitely respects the Nightblood. Bad news arrives: the CoG have taken our adorable Rose tonight. Search plans are afoot when the shuttle arrives. ‘ Course, they had to turn off the radiation fence to let the shuttle in. Damn those smart CoG!

Back in the tavern: Murphy’s still drinking and Clarke is summarizing how rare Nightblood is on Sanctum. Murphy calls her a Princess. Okay, not cool. That nickname belonged to Finn and Finn alone and not even Murphy is allowed to use it. Anyway, they can’t tell anyone about Maddie’s Nightblood. Good thing Jordan didn’t spill those particular beans.

Incoming: Maddie and Clarke reunite. Clarke is happy to see Bellamy and Raven drops a line to Murphy. “You look better dead.” Russell enters with this decree: Sanctum’s a sanctuary for the human race. After saving Priya7 (HBHN)’s life, our kru will be allowed to stay. He’ll teach them how to survive there. Welcome to Sanctum.

Maddie uses Diyoza’s name and Russell flips a table about it. “Escort this woman past the shield right now!!” Seems Diyoza’s face is in Sanctum history books next to Hitler and Bin Laden! In spite of her pregnancy, Diyoza’s sent out with hopes that the trees get before the CoG do, because if she joins forces with them? Yeah, not good.  Raise your hand if you think this will happen. *Raises hand*

We zoom out on the CoG meeting in the woods. They have Rose and Clarke has Nightblood. Also: Psst, Octavia is standing right behind you.  

Images courtesy of The CW/Warner Bros.

The CoG fight her with…spore-spewing trees? Now the CoG have guns, a Nightblood child, and a girl from Earth. No way “the old man” will reject them now!

Mystery! Is the old man really old? Is he holding a cane and shouting for kids to get off his lawn? Does he have a sea? Maybe we’ll find out next week!

Until then, I’ll be changing into my red dress and swilling Jo Juice, kru. New episodes of The 100 air on The CW Tuesdays, 8/7 central.

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