Thursday, June 17, 2021

First Look at The CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’

Image courtesy of The CW / Warner Bros.

With the CW Upfronts happening today in New York City, many trailers, first-looks, and schedules have been released for both new and veteran CW shows.

The first trailer and clip have been released for one of the network’s highly anticipated new shows, Nancy Drew.

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The new series, premiering this fall after Riverdale on Wednesday nights, is a new, darker take on the classic story of the teen detective. The trailer starts out with Nancy talking about ghosts haunting her town, but she apparently doesn’t believe in them. Just like the classic story, she is always searching for the truth like any good detective would do.

Nancy’s character appears to be sassy, claiming she does the police officer’s job for him. Her friends seem to range in mystery and personality.

The trailer also promises plenty of murder, intrigue, and plenty of suspense, sure to bring the viewers back for more each week!

Check out the trailer below!

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The first clip brings as much suspense as the trailer did. The clip follows Nancy with her flashlight in tow as she calls out for Mrs. Hudson. She steps on a broken plate, fireworks go off, and then she finds the body of Mrs. Hudson. She yells for help and her friends come running, just in time for the police to arrive.

Check out the first clip to be released below!

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