Kathryn Newton Appears on ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

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Kathryn Newton, fan favorite from Supernatural and star of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on May 14th. She talked about her current and upcoming projects, including her latest endeavor, The Society.

Newton described The Society, currently available on Netflix, as a modern-day co-ed Lord of the Flies. “It’s chaos! Tune in if you want chaos.” She plays a leadership role in the story that follows several teenagers trying to navigate their way through life after all of the adults in town have mysteriously vanished.

Newton also talked about her work on Big Little Lies, which has its second season slated for arrival on HBO on June 9th. She gushed about co-star Reese Witherspoon, who worked to make sure Newton could work on Big Little Lies and Pikachu simultaneously.

Finally, Newton got to talk about her pride and joy: her three poodles that even have their own Instagrams!

Watch Kathryn Newton’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers below!

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